2015 Yearly Horoscope: Aquarius

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Aquarius

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The pressure is finally easing up in 2015, Aquarius. Saturn has been working you hard since 2012, by making a very hard angle to your stars. You may feel a bit beaten down, but all the more strong and mature as a result. You can bid farewell to the constant testing and hardships that you’ve braved and conquered. This year is finally bringing the fruits for all of the arduous labor you’ve so devotedly mastered. You’ve been laying down powerful career foundations that you can build on in the new year, Water Bearer. Every level of your integrity has been tested, and you’ve earned the respect from both friends and colleagues.

You will continue to master boundaries and owning your authority this year. It’s all about working that status, baby! You’ve kept your eye on the prize, and in 2015 you’re so close you can practically reach out and grab it. Your social and love life may have had to take a backseat in 2014, but this year you’ve got Jupiter taking a stronger role in the relationship department without the overshadowing of Saturn. Luck comes through partners or partnerships until August. ‘Partner like a rock star’ is the motto of Jupiter in Leo in your relationship zone.

The one caveat to the moving-on-moving-forward-adios-Saturn-story is when the Cosmic Taskmaster moves back into your career zone for one final clean-up job in June. You’ll have the entire summer to get your career in tip-top shape, Aquarius. Once you get into mid-September, it’s on to the bigger and better horizons of long-term goals, expansive collaborations, and high flying dreams.

The year may kick off on a retrospective and nostalgic note. Mercury is retrograde in your stars from January 4 to February 11. So from the get-go, you’re taking two steps back in order to move forward, but that’s just a way to ensure you don’t miss a beat and retrace some significant steps. Expect to cover old ground in relationships in order to take it to the next level. It’s a good reminder that you don’t have to kill it and yourself in the process in order to reach your goals this year. Easy and steady wins the race. This retrograde will set the tone and remind you how important it is to take periodic breaks in the action in order to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Your guiding master planet (Saturn) brings the goods to your house of friendship, long-term goals, wishes, accomplishments, and networking for the next two years. He will retrograde between March and June to slow life down and give you a chance to review and reflect. It’s a reminder that there is time, Aquarius. Don’t stress! You can also revise your plans and goals and reflect on what’s been working and what needs some re-visioning. The North Node of Fate will continue to bring opportunities for expansion, travel, and partnering opportunities involving foreign people, places, and things. Thus, there is no lack of inspiration for 2015!

The last and final (of seven) Uranus-Pluto square on March 16 is weirdly positive for you. Although you may notice many of your friends and family members going off the rails, you’ll find yourself oddly inspired by the volatile mix of energies. You’re totally fascinated by the deeper mysteries of life and questioning existence from a psychological if not esoteric perspective.

Your love life is pretty glorious until August, with Jupiter bringing the goodness to your relationship house for the first eight months of the year. That said, Saturn is retro-grade between March and August, so trust that you will be tested. Keep it all above board. No games, no manipulation. Imagine every thought, word and action up for cos-mic audit, and you’ll stay on track.

Even beyond summer, you’ll have the sexy influence of Jupiter in your house of intimacy and devilish mergers until well into 2016. Get your romance on before June because Saturn will steal your time away and push back into hard-hitting career mode until September. Mark July 1 on the calendar as a lucky-ducky key date for love. You are blessed with the most fortunate of all planetary conjunctions of the year hitting your relationship zone this summer.

From July 25 to September 6, Venus will be retrograding in your house of sexuality and intimate connections. This could bring back old lovers and ghosts from the past. This could also trigger old fears, insecurities and psychic skeletons that need healing and final release. Don’t allow the dark shadows to take over your present brilliance. You’re just releasing the past. That’s all there is to it. When it comes down to it, you’re the true free bird of the zodiac, and god help the partner who believes they can change you. Rock on with your eccentric and brilliant authenticity. If your partner cannot embrace all that is wildly genius about you, this Venus retrograde will show you the way to a more suitable companion.

Should any toxic exes show up during this phase, know you are being tested to let bygones truly be bygones. There is no turning back time, nor would you really want to. Consider the middle zone of 2015, your commitment test. If you feel any flaky or erratic energies threatening to ruin your flow, consider this your challenge to eradicate them once and for all. By the time this year is finished, you are about as rock-solid as they come. On August 6: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter joint up for quite a sexy alliance. There is no shortage of opportunities for passion, intimacy and deep merging. The only question is: are you ready to let go of your fierce independence?
Your career prospects could not be brighter, Aquarius. All of that tiring toiling of 2014 is totally going to pay off in 2015. Your ruling planet, Saturn has pushed you beyond what you thought was possible and you’re realizing that you’re a serious player in the game of life and success. Don’t let a slow and clunky start to the year fool you, darling. Mercury will be retrograde in your sign as we get going, but that’s just to clear away any residual kinks in the system so that you can fly high and unfettered during the second half of 2015.

Saturn will be taking residence in your house of long-term goals, wishes and dreams until 2017, so there is plenty of time and space to make amazing things a reality. It’s all about proper patience and timing. Jupiter in your opposite sign until August will help you attract generous support from others. You’re like a luck and prosperity magnet for the first chunk of the year. Don’t let the Saturn retrograde interval deflate your spirits and your efforts. Between March and June, you are being called to review, revamp and revise your original plans. It’s not a rejection or a ‘no,’ it’s rather an invitation to do it even better. Reconsider another route that could take you where you need to go with less hassle and frustration. By next September, you’re totally in the clear and ready for maximum success and fame. This is not an exaggeration. You won’t have this transit again for another approximately 30 years. On August 2, it’s like the floodgates are open once again. Saturn is direct and the delays, barriers and challenges finally dissipate. It’s all systems go straight through to 2016!

If you have the opportunity to travel in 2015, don’t miss it! The North Node of Fate continues to broaden your horizons and bring the perfect partners from faraway lands to bring innovation and ingenuity to your current schemes and dreams. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in April to bring some kind of earth-shattering breakthrough to the surface between spring and October. Keep your eyes wide open and ears to the ground, Aquarius. It’s not what you expect, but it’s even better. How’s that for new and improved opportunity for fame and acclaim? When Saturn comes back around to your career zone this summer, you may have to roll up your sleeves and go back into the trenches. But it’s so worth it, Aquarius.


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Capricorn

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Capricorn

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There is a huge plot change for you this year, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been navigating the dark and fixed waters of Scorpio for the past two plus years, teaching you everything there is to know about deep feelings, letting go, and resourcefulness. You’ve been putting a tremendous amount of energy into your career and life goals and committing to the long haul. This has served your career well. The only downside is that you’ve been a bit all work and no play, dear. You’re so ready for a serious break and more “me” time in 2015.

Saturn will now spend the next few years in your sector of sleep, escapism, and retreat. Cultivate as much time in your daily schedule for soul time, zoning out and tuning into your dreams as possible. This summer, Saturn will dip back into your house of goals and social networking between June and September. Use this time to finalize any loose ends or revamp any of your bigger schemes that still feel clunky.

This year brings the final of seven Pluto-Uranus squares in March. You’ve been on a crash course of growth, evolution and power for the past few years. Actually, this intense metamorphosis began in 2008 when Pluto first entered your sign. You have until 2024 to go for the final transformation, but this could be one of the most pivotal of all in terms of a huge growth surge. You’re truly stepping into your power and determination to build work scenarios and relationships that last. Integrity is where it’s at, as always.

You’ll have the continued power and presence of the North Node of Fate at the top of your chart pushing you hard to achieve more worldly goals. This influence started last year in your career zone and will continue throughout all of 2015. This makes you a bit obsessive about taking your status to the next level. It feels fated. This April, there is a total Lunar Eclipse occurring at the top of your horoscope. This will catapult your career to crazy new heights. Expect to be ridiculously busy and popular (even more so than last year). In order to balance all of this ambition and success, you’re going to be in need of serious downtime. Make a plan to slow down this summer if not sooner. It’s time to give back to yourself for all that you give, Capricorn.

Jupiter will continue to bless your house of resourcefulness until August, so expect generous support from friends, benefactors, and people who just want to help and support your empire. There’s nothing wrong with an abundance of gifts, just be sure to show your gratitude to keep it flowing. You’re also tapping into your own depths and learning how to transform any archaic fears and insecurities into your greatest strengths.

The first half of the year is excellent for research and introspection. Give yourself plenty of private time to go deep. You’re preparing for some major breakthroughs during the latter part of 2015. When Jupiter changes signs in August, you’ll be ready to expand your horizons in a major way – perhaps even internationally. Loads of travel is definitely in your future from late summer and well into 2016.

The Full Moon arrives in your relationship zone right at the start of the year on January 4. This first week will highlight love themes from 2014 that are culminating and perhaps ending now. Relationships are still a huge theme this year, Capricorn. It’s all about balance and the never-ending give and take. You tend to be the caretaker and forget the importance in giving back to yourself. This year, you’re learning how important it is to take equal if not more time to replenish your own heart. You’re also more aware than ever how necessary it is to make quality time for your relationships. Ambition has to take a backseat to your love life in order to regain the lost balance from 2014. Making your romantic realm the priority will actually sustain every other area of your life, because it will fill you up.

The total Lunar Eclipse in April puts the focus on partnerships. Peace, harmony and compromise are the continued lessons in love. You’re a born diplomat at heart, so you may be teaching others in your life how to get along with more peace and sweetness and less conflict. You’ve been a bit obsessed around relationship themes, patterns and for several years now, but this is the time you may actually and finally get the clarity you have so desperately been wanting. Mars and Venus will have a sexy collision at the base of your horoscope this April, so you can look forward to a sassy little springtime renewal.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty goes retrograde in the sign of romance this August, Expect old lovers to come crawling out of the woodwork when you least expect it, Capricorn. This transit will take place in your house of sexuality and intimacy, so should bring a heightened sense of drama to your love life. If you’re tempted to go back to an old flame, make sure this isn’t just a nostalgic fancy that will shift again when Venus comes out of retrograde at the end of summer. It’s probably just a little summertime reminiscence of romantic days gone by. Enjoy, but best not to remain attached. You’re totally ready for the higher love in 2015.
Your career continues to be stellar and clipping along at crazy speed. You’re forever ambitious but you’re definitely in an especially potent success groove in 2015, Capricorn. The North Node moved into your career zone last year and continues to bring fated opportunities to keep your status elevated and moving forward to even greater heights. There is a total Lunar Eclipse occurring at the top of your chart in April. This is the most prominent professional surge of the year. Expect your eyes to be blasted wide open to epiphanies this spring. You’re being shown the perfect way to balance home and career in a way that radically alter your life for the next 19 to 20 years.

Saturn, your ruling planet will spend the first half of the year taking you into more of a research mode, Capricorn. Better to reflect than do. When Saturn goes direct on August 2, you’ll feel like you’re able to turn some of your more elaborate and expansive dreams into gold. Your imagination continues to be your best asset this year, so don’t underestimate the power of drifting and fantasizing. It’s, in fact, not a waste of time. You need regular intervals to unplug and tap into your creative force in order to prepare for a new and more glamorous cycle with your work.

Your resourcefulness is your second best asset this year, with Jupiter bringing heaps of wisdom and creativity. Give yourself plenty of time for private time and research because that is often where you will reap the greatest inspiration. This could mean you’re less social than you have been in the past few years, but it’s just a phase and it will totally pay off, Capricorn. It’s worth embracing your inner introvert in order to access your inner world of infinite possibility and ideas.

The real expansion phase begins late this summer when Jupiter moves into sister Earth sign, Virgo and emphasizes your travel zone. August kicks off a year of wanderlust and the need for foreign travel. Adventure is calling and you should have plenty of opportunities to expand your horizons. This is all preparation for your best and luckiest career phase in late 2016. You are cultivating global experience to enrich your world of inspiration and understanding. In other words, the more travel, the better in late 2015. Your career will greatly benefit as a result, so there is no need for guilt over the extravagance. Jet set your way to success!

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Sagittarius


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Sagittarius

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You were born to be wild, Sagittarius, and this year you’ll be back in your favored rambunctious saddle. After surviving the past few years of feeling pent up, frustrated, and in the longest darkest, tunnel of the unknown, you’re so ready to break on through to the other side. To say it’s a totally new you is no exaggeration. You’ve been shedding layers upon layers of your old, false self in order to make room for this glorious and powerful firebrand now emerging from the shadows.

Give yourself time to really grow into this new skin. You still have this year to tweak your image and new approach to life and love. Saturn will back out of your sign between June and September, creating a break in the action of your ongoing self-reinvention process. Considering the level of total metamorphosis you’ve undergone, it would make sense that you may need to go back and recover a few missing or forgotten pieces of your old self to integrate into the new package. Plus, the summer will bring you back to any unfinished emotional business that started in 2012. This is your last chance to say goodbye, and part on terms that you can live with for the next 30 years. Take your time and be sure you’re not walking away with any residual resentment or regret. This is your year to skyrocket and you don’t want any emotional baggage standing between you and your utter fiery fabulousness.

Travel continues to be a major passion and source of opportunity in 2015. You’ll have your lucky ruler in your zone of foreign countries until August, so make the most of this awesome jet-setting influence. You’re totally in your element and tripping the globe fantastic like a total rock star. You’ll be career obsessed starting late summer when Jupiter moves up to the top of your chart. This is one of the most stellar career transits you’ve had in 12 years.

It’s all about status, opportunity, and recognition during the second half of the year. Your status is totally peaking and your popularity is about to blow up between the latter half of 2015 all the way through early 2017. The constriction and fears of the past few years are giving way to grand scale schemes and dreams. The partial Solar Eclipse in your career zone this September is sure to accelerate your success in major and unexpected ways until March of 2016. The Nodes of Fate will continue to teach you powerful lessons around both friendships and romantic relationships. You’re learning to make your friendships more romantic and your romances friendlier.

The total Lunar Eclipse in April could bring some friendships to an end. If you’re not on the same wavelength or operating under the same value system, the Eclipse will clear out those associations that are no longer in alignment with your long-term goals. The upside to this potent eclipse cycle is that it will make you extremely clear on what you want on the bigger scale with your dreams and your bucket list. Your eyes are wide open to your true priorities and you’ll be scheduling accordingly.

You’re ready for the real thing, Sag. No more playing the field or hemming-and-hawing over potential suitors. You can see through games and lies, and will spot a waste of time in an instant. You’re soaring this year and you cannot have a relationship that holds you back. You’ve been there and done that. If you’re already in a long-term commitment, expect to go deeper or go separate ways by summer. Saturn is pulling the plug on those connections that no longer support your greater vision and more importantly, you’re authentic self.

If you’re still on the quest for your long-term mate, the presence of Saturn in your stars will keep the lightweights at bay. Anyone flaky, manipulative or any variety of loser material shan’t come anywhere near your radar in 2015. You’re too deep in the game to attract anything less than the real deal. You require someone who promises both adventure and staying power. This might seem like a tall order to some, but if anyone can manifest the miraculous, it’s you. You need a partner you not only respect, but who can teach you something. You also need someone who understands your nomadic tendencies and won’t try to tether you to mundane reality, or you’ll definitely flee faster than you can say ‘passport’!

The total Lunar Eclipse in April is in the sign of relationships and will have you really thinking about what you most want and don’t want in a partnership. You’ve been working and reworking your understanding and value system around relationships for several years now, but this is the time you may actually and finally get the clarity you have so desperately been wanting. Mars and Venus will align in your love zone this March, so expect some serious fireworks to fly just in time for a spring awakening. The planet of love and beauty will go retrograde in the sign of romance in August in your house of long-distance travel. This could easily bring the return of old lovers from abroad or the revisiting of a country where you once had a great love affair. In any case, this year will bring plenty of opportunities to know who you are and what you will and will not tolerate in the romance department. Now that you have such a powerful sense of self, (due to all of your hard work and self reflection over the past few years) you need a partner to match this strength. In fact, you’ll settle for nothing less!
Your career prospects are off the charts this year, Sag! You’ve got the planets working every angle of your chart to bring you into the highest realms of fame and fortune. All you have to do is show up and believe. You’ve got Saturn working your sign to assure you deliver nothing less than your very best on a consistent and quality basis. All of the hard work you’ve put in on your integrity is really starting to show. In fact, you’re basically glowing this year. Next, you have the support of lucky and expansive Jupiter (your ruling planet) moving into your career zone this August.

Jupiter shines brightly at the top of your chart between August and the end of the year, bringing the kind of good fortune you have not experienced in 12 years. You can take bigger risks now, knowing Jupiter has your back and you’re assured to land on your feet. Of course, Saturn in your sign could make you a bit more cautious than you would normally be, but trust that if you leap the net will appear.

Mars and Jupiter will be aligning in your career zone in late September and October. This dynamic transit gives you both the energy and confidence to really put yourself out there and get yourself on the map in a way that will make a difference with your success. Your focus and consistency is really going to pay off by bringing more followers, a greater audience and hopefully even a raise or boost in your overall income. Pluto will continue to work his long-term influence to overhaul your financial story. You’ve been in this renovation and revamping process since 2008, so you’re finally starting to get the hang of how it all works. Building for the long-term is where it’s at now. Your old ways of jumping the gun or living for the moment while throwing away future resources is surely a thing of the past.

You’re blessed with amazing mentors for the first half of the year. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’ is your motto in 2015, because every time you’re ready to learn something new, the perfect guru appears to guide you. Travel is another amazing teacher for you this year, and the experience derived from exploring new countries and exotic corners of the world. With Jupiter in your zone of foreign countries until August, you should have plenty of opportunities to see the world. The total Lunar Eclipse of April in your house of long-term goals and achievements is sure to propel you in both unimaginable and inexplicable ways. Just be open and ready for anything to unfurl between April and October. So much is changing and opening for the better. It could feel a little off-kilter in the process of reorienting you to a whole new network and mission statement for your work and your life. Remember, you’re in the process of totally reinventing yourself and your life’s purpose from the ground up. This is totally new terrain and you’re like a wild horse ready to run free to heaven only knows where. You’re still exploring, experimenting and figuring that out, Sag. So be patient and enjoy all of the success and accolades along the path.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Scorpio


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Scorpio

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This year could not have come fast enough, Scorpio! You’re finally breaking out of the dark tunnel of transformation that seemed to last for an eternity. Instead of feeling like a ghost in your own life, you’re going to reincarnate into greatness. Saturn is almost finished with your stars for good, minus one last tune-up this summer (June to September). The overall theme takes a dramatic turn from all of the loss, letting go, and rebirth. This new phase is about breaking free from the limitations of fear, darkness, and insecurity. You have certainly been to hell and back, Scorpio, and now you’re ready for a serious reprieve from all of the heaviness that started back at the end of 2012.

This is the true and radical new beginning you’ve been waiting for. Enough with feeling exhausted, depleted, and anxious; you’re ready to return to life with wild abandon. You’re totally blessed to redefine yourself from scratch and emerge as the powerful Phoenix you are, darling. You’re ready to soar over exciting new landscapes of your own choosing. 2015 is here to restore your faith in life, humanity, and most importantly yourself. Your inner gypsy is at the ready, and travel is your medicine. Having Jupiter shining brightly at the top of your chart for the first half of the year will bring plenty of of opportunities to combine creativity with worldly experience. You’re definitely on a quest for meaning and truth.

The next 12 months will take you into a total reinvention of who you are and how you want the world to see you as Saturn rocks your Second House of values emphasizing your voice, your self-esteem, and your money-making capacity. Jupiter will continue to bring more awesome fame and fortune energy to your career zone starting in August, so get ready for some major attention. You can no longer remain private while Jupiter hits the top of your chart, so enjoy the star power.

The latter half of the year brings another level of accomplishment and socializing galore. When August rolls around, you’ll be in total ambition mode. You have not had this kind of career support in 12 years, so don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to take your vision to the next level. Friends and colleagues will be falling over themselves to you help you and you’ll be meeting all the right people. Plus, you’ll also have a powerful Venus Retrograde taking place at the top of your chart this August.

Summer requires some serious revision as Saturn briefly retrogrades back into your stars from June to September. Don’t worry, Scorpio. This is the last time that you’ll have Saturn running your stars for about 30 years. Use this brief audit from the Cosmic Taskmaster to do one last clearing of the skeletons from your psychic closet. Letting go of jealousy, competition, or negativity is a must. This is your final chance to purge before embarking on your new adventures in 2015.

In order to really hit the heights, you’ll need to do a total housecleaning of all the shadow material that was holding you back. Imagine releasing all of the chains and emotional baggage that was weighing down your heart and spirit, so that you can totally run free. That’s what 2015 is about for you, Scorpio! Greener and wider pastures, baby!

You may be more concerned with your career than relationships this year, but that won’t stop the love and desire from happening. It’s just that you’re so immersed in building your success that any potential lovers or suitors will have to take a backseat to your other more pressing priorities. That’s not a bad thing, actually. This will create the balance you so need. Desire, sex, and passion will always play a major part in the life of every good Scorpio. Nothing can take that away from you.

It’s just that this year, you’ll finally realize that your power source comes from much deeper roots within. Projecting your creative power onto another is so 2012. You’re ready to step into your God/Goddess self. By doing so, you’ll only improve your romantic life because you’ll no longer be giving your power away. You learned this the hard way over the past few years. 2015 is about standing in your strength and magnetism. You’re truly a seductive presence to be reckoned with and you’re finally starting to own this.

Your ruling planet, Mars, will be meeting up with the love planet, Venus on several occasions this year. You’re learning the art of integrating your masculine and feminine energies. You like to play rough and battle-test your relationships, Scorpio. Sometimes you expect too much of people and push them too hard. This year, you’ll be learning how love is stronger than pride. You can be critical if not demanding in love, but 2015 is about opening your heart to look beyond the imperfections. We’re all flawed, Scorpio, and it’s precisely in those less than perfect places that healing happens. Actually when you really love someone, and you know this kind of love, you love despite the idiosyncrasies.

The North Node of Fate continues to teach you about the need for conscious reciprocity in partnering. Getting the give-and-take ratio is not something that comes easily or naturally to such an all-or-nothing personality, but when you get the balance, relating is beautiful. You’ll be surprised by how much harmony and balance you’re able to achieve with your beloved in 2015. The total Lunar Eclipse in April could speed up some lessons in the partnership domain. You’ve been mastering the delicate art of giving others the benefit of the doubt. The more Mars-driven and aggressive side of your nature has a tendency to be confrontational and often unforgiving of your partners. All that is softening under the current influence. Ask yourself if your words or actions will bring more beauty to your relationships? If not, is it worth the discord? Yes, it’s important to get to the truth, but at what cost to the sweetness of the connection? When you let the little things go (read: don’t sweet the small stuff) you’re able to preserve the relationship and remember the reason you got involved in the first place.
This is by far one of your best career years in over a decade, Scorpio. The first part of the year is all about your star power. Regardless of your profession, you’ll feel like a rock star in the way you work it. You’ll have the luck of Jupiter expanding your career zone through August. Your undeniable Scorpio magnetism is shining brightly. People are watching you closely now. The attention, accolades and achievements will really start pouring in during the second half of 2015.

When Jupiter moves into your house of long-term goals and ambition in August, all of the success and recognition that started at the end of 2014 should blow up to the next level. Friends and colleagues will show up to open the next set of doors needed to take your dreams to the next tier. There’s no settling and probably no satisfaction while you’re in this super-driven phase. You know this is the do-or-die year to push yourself harder than ever before. Opportunities like this only come once (maybe twice if you’re lucky) in a lifetime, so you have to go for it with all of your heart and soul. When Mars and Jupiter join forces this fall, you’ll really feel a major push to embody your star potential. April is a huge month for success and speed. There is a grand Earth trine impacting your house of goals, so expect to be hyper-focused and ambitious.

Your modern ruler, Pluto, will go direct in your communication zone in September to bring even more power and focus to the mix. You can use the first chunk of the year to research and refine your methods. By the latter half of 2015, you’re definitely at the top of your game. In fact, the end of 2015 through most of 2016 is sure to be one of the highlights of your career. It could feel a bit overwhelming at times as you try to take on many goals at once. You have loads of desires and ambitions, Scorpio. Remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience is your friend and the key to the lasting success you crave. You’re building your next legacy, and it’s so worth all of the time and effort required to create something sustainable for the long haul. Yours is never, and has never been, the flash-in-the-pan variety of success.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Libra


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Libra
Relationships and communication are the top two headlining contenders for your life script in 2015, Libra. You will continue to have the North Node of Fate in your stars for one more year. This is a cosmic and evolutionary push to do your Libra balancing lessons, and to do them well. It’s easy to feel hopelessly obsessed with relationships and partnering, regardless of whether you’re in a tryst or not. All relationship dynamics will continue to take up the majority of your energy and attention this year as the ‘hall of mirrors’ theme takes you to the next level of self-discovery. Seeing yourself through the lens of the other is all well and good unless you give away your power and then cease to connect to your own source of beauty and wholeness. The dance between independence and dependence can be dizzying at this point, but it’s how you’re being stretched to your max, discovering what you’re truly made of.

Yet more monumental changes are on their way again after April when a total Lunar Eclipse hits your stars. It will take a full six months (your birthday is a good marker) before all of the effects from this dramatically altering event are revealed. Eclipses in your own sign only happen once every 19 years, so trust that this radical time has come to wake you up to something you’ve never seen before. Life becomes infinitely and beautifully new. The other great news is that the final (seventh) Uranus square Pluto initiations happens this March. You’re totally coming into you own on all four levels in 2015: self, relationships, home, and career.

Saturn is rolling up his sleeves and preparing to work you hard on the practice of honest and straightforward communication. Speaking your truth without wavering, backpedaling, or putting your foot in your mouth by being overly blunt takes practice and finesse. Trust that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe the workings of your own mind in 2015. Paying attention to your own thought and speech patterns provides tremendous insight into how you are seen and heard. Meditation is extremely beneficial now to watch your own mind. Recording yourself speaking, and journaling are two excellent techniques to help you really get a glimpse into your own voice. From June through September, Saturn will take you back into any unfinished business around finances. Use those few months to clean up any residual issues or debt that have been nagging you from behind the scenes (perhaps stemming all the way back to 2012).

The first half of 2015 continues to be extremely social and auspicious with lucky Jupiter blessing your house of friends and achievement. Don’t be surprised if your social calendar is overflowing (if not overbooked) until August. By summer, you’ll be so ready for a break and a serious vacation from the hustle. Fortunately, you’ll have Jupiter then moving into your house of rest and retreat for the latter half of the year. Expect to hit some major high notes, especially during the first few months of 2015. Enjoy the success and non-stop stimulation but then prepare for a bit of a crash this summer. Your soul will be in dire need of downtime by then in order to balance your Scales. There is plenty of creativity, romance and excitement to keep you alive and thriving until late August, but then you’ll actually crave time alone in the woods, unplugged, unscheduled, doing nothing. You’ll be using August through December to prepare for one of your biggest years ever in 2016, so don’t skimp out on the prep time!

Your romantic life continues to take major priority in 2015. You may have already felt like your mind hit the overkill switch on it last year with all of the hard-earned lessons. Keep the faith though, darling, because all of those experiences, rumination and obsession are showing what you want and don’t want. You’ve hopefully nipped a lot of co-dependent patterns in the bud last year, but if not, don’t worry. 2015 is your chance to get it right. This is your last year to really and truly reclaim your power and essence in your relationship dynamics.

The part of your personality that avoids confrontation at any cost is in a total reformation. You’re learning the art of assertiveness and even a little bit of rebellion in your love relationships. Of course, you’ll always finesse even the most discordant situations with beauty and grace. The difference is that you’re no longer worried about speaking your truth for fear that someone will leave you. You’ve come to realize that a relationship that isn’t battle-tested isn’t worth compromising for. You’ve got to have a strong voice in the partnership for your Scales to be balanced this year. Saturn will not permit anything less as he works on your communication zone for the next two-plus years. Truth serum is your medicine going forward, Libra.
No one can accuse you of being a lazy Libra in 2015. This year promises to bring you amazing opportunities to advance your career to the next level, Libra. All of the hard work and dedication that you started in 2014 laid the perfect foundation for your next level of success to come. This is a once-in-every-12 years cosmic bonus. Jupiter will continue to bring the luck and abundance to your house of achievement until August, so enjoy the accolades that are pouring in for the first seven months of the year. July is especially pumped, as Venus joins Jupiter in your house of fame and recognition. As much as you adore balance, you are tempted to go to extremes with rather wild ambition this year. Get it all out of your system before late August because Jupiter will then move into your house of retreat.

Use the second part of 2015 to kick back and relax and reconnect with your imagination. You’ll be dreaming and scheming in the powerful confines of your imagination between August and the end of the year. If you’re able to travel during that time, it’s highly advantageous to supporting your vision and opening you up to even more possibility. You’re so visual Libra, and the more you fill your world with beautiful scenes and landscapes, the more successful you become. If nothing else, you’re finally coming to terms with the truth that: beauty is the end all-be all for you.

Saturn is asking you to get serious about your communication style in 2015. The Cosmic Taskmaster is asking you to be very clear about your yes’s and your no’s when it comes to negotiating deals. Saturn helps you set boundaries in business and is thus more concerned with the no. Relinquishing the need to ‘people please’ will save you so much time and energy, Libra. Setting limits up front will also decrease the stress of having to go back on your word later. You may be asked to do more public speaking this year as a means to practice finding the power of your voice. If you’ve wanted to start a book, blog or other means of self-expression, Saturn in your communication zone makes it easier to create the structure and discipline to support your dreams. You’re definitely being stretched to speak your mind more than ever before. People will respect your honesty and candor. Leadership opportunities are possible as a result. You’re finding the power in your truth and saying what’s got to be said, Libra.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Virgo


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Virgo

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Your star is totally rising in 2015, Virgo! Although you will have to be patient until the second half of the year for the real fabulousness to kick in, it’s so worth it. Jupiter enters your sign in August (for the first time in 12 years) and it’s totally worth waiting for! Plus, it gives you plenty of time to do your favorite thing: prepare, prepare, prepare. Use the first half of 2015 to work and rework your dreams and long-term vision. All of the mental focus and contraction of the past few years is going to pay off in substantial ways in your career.

Lucky Jupiter is bringing some amazing expansion, opportunity and recognition your way this summer for an extended period (all the way through the middle of 2016). Since you’re more of a planner than a risk-taker by nature, this new phase will break you open to embracing all kinds of new adventures. Of course you’ll still need your “me” time, especially during the first part of the year. However, when you are out in the world, expect to be seen and celebrated in a major way.

You’re grounded in truth and you’ve worked on your communication skills hardcore over the past few years, now 2015 is your chance for the big launch. Just note that you’ll have maximum power and presence after August, so use the first six months to get all of your ducks in a row, Virgo-style. You can never be too organized and ready!

This year continues to be a karmic balancing act, wherein every decision is carefully weighed and measured. You understand the importance of considering all potential consequences before acting, but this year it’s almost instinctual for you to stop, drop and rethink before any rolling happens. Your ruling planet (Mercury) will retrograde through each of the Air signs this year, giving you intellectual wisdom and greater insight into the art of communication.

The hyper-focus on finances that started last year continues to be a major theme for you going forward in 2015. The difference is that you have incorporated some beautiful and balanced money-making mojo. You’ve learned the hard way that you don’t have to wear yourself down in order to be successful. The partial Solar Eclipse taking place in your stars this September initiates a series of colossal changes that will forever alter the fabric of your tightly woven life. Let it unravel even just a bit, so it can all come back together even more seamlessly than before.

Saturn is coming to your home zone to remind you that taking good care of yourself is essential to maintain a strong and healthy body and mind. Venus will retrograde in your sign in late July, giving you the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on how to bring more peace and loveliness into your world. If you’ve felt more gypsy than homebody (as often tends to be the case), 2015 is going to change all of that. Saturn is moving down to the base of your chart to invite you into committing to your base camp for a change. This doesn’t mean you’ll be hopelessly grounded and fettered to the same routine. Heavens no, Virgo! On the contrary, you’re only solidifying your launch pad so it better supports bigger and better jet setting, of course.

If there’s any unfinished conversations or words left unsaid between you and a beloved, use the window between June and September to finally speak your piece. Saturn will retrograde back into your house of communication at that time, giving you the clarity and determination to get to the bottom of an issue that has potentially been unresolved since 2012. This year is about wrapping up unfinished emotional and karmic business from the past three years and breaking free into the wild blue unknown yonder.

Romance is yours for the taking in 2015, Virgo! You’re kind of the ‘it’ human for the second half of the year, when the god of fame and fortune sets up camp in your stars from August on-ward. There are many twists and turns, and perhaps even deja-vus to this year’s love map. Venus will go retrograde in your sign in late July, causing you to recreate and revisit everything you thought you knew about love and partnering. In fact, you may literally find yourself reuniting with an old flame (or at least an old theme involving an old flame) to get the lessons right this time around. There can never be enough second chances in love after all, wouldn’t you agree?

Venus retrograde could bring up a tremendous longing for the love that was the lost or never found this summer, so be sure to fill your world with as much art, adventure and soulful immersions as possible so that you don’t get lost in the world of ‘if only’s and dire wanting for some-thing just out of reach.

On a more active note, Mars and Venus will be making a sexy conjunction romp in your stars this September. The first half of the year still promises secretive or foreign yet incredibly glamorous opportunities for love and adventure. Most notably, September and October prove to be incredibly busy in the love department, compliments of Mars and Jupiter both firing up your sign at the same time. There is a partial solar eclipse occurring in your stars during your birthday month as well, so expect a lot of sudden revelations around relationships and self-knowledge that blindsides you in the best of all possible ways.

All is changing in love and beyond, but it’s all to catapult you to the next tier of fabulousness. The plateau was getting lonely, boring and all-too predictable. You’ll continue to pursue the seemingly impossible balance between solitude and connection, but with unexpected success this time around. You were able to work out a lot of the kinks that kept you stuck on one extreme end of the selfish versus selfless spectrum versus the other. Finding the middle ground of being related and not losing yourself and your precious hermit time is the key to your romantic bliss. Don’t give up until you’ve gotten this formula as perfect as possible. The Nodes of Fate will aid you on the quest all year long. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s a process and you’re never truly alone, Virgo.
This is definitely your year to skyrocket, Virgo. Even if career matters seem a bit slow during the front end of the year, trust that come August and September, you’ll be blowing up. There is no doubt about it, Virgo. You’ll have lucky Jupiter and Mars both powering up your stars this fall, so there is no way for you to remain in the shadows (not that you ever were). Few work harder or more consistently, but no one works more efficiently than a Virgo when you’re totally on your game as you will be in 2015.

You had a chance to really amp up your communication game over the past few years, and this will serve you well in all current and future endeavors. You have found your voice and your message, and know how to work it to your advantage now. When Saturn retrogrades back to your house of communication between June and September, it might be a bit of a tune-up or revisiting/refining of your branding and tagline. Then again, when are you not refining?

Your approach to work is always about making it even better. A true Virgo is never satisfied, but don’t let that perfectionist wiring in your brain convince you that it’s never quite good enough. It’s one thing to continually strive for improvement, but give yourself loads of credit and kudos in the process. You have a way of never allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you hit one goal after another. Celebrate a little, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and rest before throwing yourself into the next level of achievement.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Leo


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Leo

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The royal treatment continues, Leo! You still have the glorious power of Jupiter in your sign for the first half of 2015, so go ahead and rock that joie de vivre that you rock so well. As sad as it may seem to part ways with the generous abundance of the big jovial planet in your sign this summer, you can take comfort knowing that the second half of the year will bring you luck and abundance in the financial department. It’s a win-win all the way around for you this year, Leo.

The other positive shift is Saturn finally moving out of the basement of your chart after a few years of family sludge. You’ve had your fill of the heavy feeling in your gut that showed up at the end of 2012 and has found a way to both anchor if not depress you for the past few years. Family, domestic issues or losses that have weighed heavy are starting to lift now. The new phase of Saturn is bringing attention to your house of pleasure, love and creativity. Now that’s not a bad thing to take seriously. It’s also your house of children, so if you’ve been considering having a child or giving birth to a new creative project, this could be the year that you truly commit your time and energy to making it a reality.

Communication continues to be a major area of work and focus. All of the lessons you learned last year around the importance of humility and diplomacy in your interactions will come in handy. You’re becoming a master mediator and may find yourself in the middle of some interesting disputes this year. Your gift for graceful gab serves you well in 2015. Don’t be surprised if you end up in public speaking positions or get asked to put your voice and your message out there in a major way. If you’ve ever considered taking classes on public speaking and media, this is definitely the year to take your natural talent to the next level. The Nodes of Fate are supporting you, especially around the total Lunar Eclipse in Libra this April.

The first quarter of 2015 involves a lot of reworking of expansion and dreams that you started in 2012. By April, Jupiter will go direct in Leo and you’ll be ready to seriously pounce on the com-petition. July is an especially glamorous month as Venus joins with Jupiter in your sign. Love, beauty and money are in crazy abundance at that time, so be sure to spoil yourself and your beloved rotten. You’ll still be in the process of reworking your daily schedule and health regime, but that’s been a work in progress since 2008.

If you have felt impatient with getting the big results you want, trust that everything is falling into place throughout the year. You’ll start to see this reflected in your finances when lucky Jupiter moves into your money zone in August, starting a year where your income potential should totally skyrocket. The only caveat to this fabulousness is that you’re also more likely to blow the wad with your overly generous ways.

This is an interesting year for love, Leo. First and foremost, you’ll have Saturn in your house of love, pleasure and children for the next few years. The only exception is June to September when Saturn quickly backs up into your domestic zone to clear up any unfinished family business. You’ll be back to the focus of romance for good as of September. You may have children on your mind or you’ll be taking a more committed interest in the child/children you already have. You’re also asked to take your romantic energy to a more consistent level. In other words, you’re taking your love life and those you love more seriously.

Saturn will be teaching you the importance of quality time and giving your heart and undivided attention to the ones you love. If you’ve been distracted or only halfheartedly present in the past, expect Saturn’s whip to your love priorities back into proper perspective. A Leo without a fulfilling love and romantic life is like a cat without a purr.

Conscious communication and a healthy relationship go hand in hand this year, as the Nodes of Fate continue to teach you the importance of choosing your words carefully. You’re more aware than ever of the significance of saying what you mean and meaning what you say, but with the utmost consideration of the consequences of your choice of words. You have no problem speaking your mind and your heart but sometimes your roar can have more of a bite than you realize. You learned last year to stop letting pride interfere with your intention to love fiercely. Love is stronger than pride and you of all signs wrote the book on that one.

The planet of love and relationships will retrograde in your sign this summer. Don’t be surprised if old lovers return or old love themes come back for a reworking. In any case, love is a major theme for you from late July through September. You could find yourself continuously obsessed with learning all you can about relationship dynamics and how to be a good partner, Leo. You started this passionate study last year, and this year the tutorials continue. The only difference is you’ll be asked to put your knowledge into action.

The Eclipse energy in April could push you to really find the balance you’ve been seeking with a partner willing to meet you halfway in your mind. If you can’t communicate well with your beloved, it’s pretty much a deal breaker for you. You’ve certainly done your fair share of work on improving your own communication skills so it’s only natural you would want a partner who can go there with you, Leo. This year has to be a true meeting of the minds with your partner — or bust!
You’re coming out of your hiding hole this year, Leo. Saturn may have had you down in your basement, so to speak, doing research and inner work in preparation for a totally new phase. You’re like the caged lion/lioness ready to break your rusty cage and tear things up this year. Saturn will support your efforts on a daily basis this year, Leo. The visionary side of your personality is coming back with a bang. Use the first half of the year to put yourself out there with Jupiter powering up your star power. The more you make yourself visible, the more you shine. Your confidence and magnetism is at an all-time high through July with April being an especially powerful month.

The second half of the year brings the focus to your finances and business skills. You need a bank balance to support your luxurious taste. This is the year to put your attention on the details of your financial reality and use the luck of Jupiter to bring the kind of earning potential that will match your true mogul makeup. You were put on this planet to create your own kingdom, Leo. This is the year to focus on all of the nuts and bolts that go into creating a business that will sky-rocket your status and finances. Use your imagination and confidence to manifest the magic that will turn the fantasy into the waking reality. Never underestimate your power, Leo. You are blessed with the gift of being adored just for being you. After September when Saturn goes direct and takes up residence in your creative zone, your projects and rituals should stabilize.

By late September-early October, Mars will join Jupiter in your money zone to give you more than enough mojo and ambition to go for what you really want and raise the stakes financially. Aim high and you will attain only the best. If your goal is to get your business operating like a well-oiled machine, you’ll have all of the cosmic backing necessary to get into the powerful flow of abundance and riches. You are no longer the King or Queen in exile, darling. This is your year to take your rightful place on your throne of choice.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Gemini

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Gemini

Double hooray, all of that diligence and handwork is totally paying off in 2015, Gemini. You’ve fought your way through enough bumps and bruises on the road to success over the past few years, and now you’re ready to truly claim your foothold and take your vision to the next level. The cosmic taskmaster is finally taking a break from your work and health zone and will only come back for a brief audit and finalization this summer (June-September). So go ahead and spend the first half of the year pursuing excellent collaborations and stellar people to partner with.

The other sweet news is that life isn’t going to be more of that all-work-and-no-play nonsense. Relationships of the romantic variety will take priority in 2015 as well. You’re learning and re-learning the art of partnering. This requires quality time and attention, good boundaries, reciprocity, and the ever-elusive balance of self and other.

One of your strongest assets in 2015 (if not always) is your mind. The difference this year is your knack for large-scale dreaming. You’re totally a creative visionary as the New Year begins and that powerful and exuberant influence will push you to new heights for the first half of 2015. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and the big picture continues to light up the zone of your chart ruling your mind, communication, siblings, and daily interactions. This makes life more playful and joyful with childlike enthusiasm all around. The only caveat is that Jupiter will be retrograde until April, so you may want to wait until spring to launch your biggest-of-the-big-shot projects, Gemini.

If you’ve had home improvement dreams or the fantasy of a total change of residence in your brain, the second half of the year could bring tremendous opportunity for expanding your domestic horizons. Lucky Jupiter will move into the base of your chart in August bringing a strong urge to spread out and take over more living space and land. You’re ready to live large in whatever context that best supports your fabulous dreams of the moment.

Mars and Jupiter will tag-team it in late September and October, so mark your calendars for your new home or biggest renovation project during that time. Don’t worry dear; you should be making enough cash to support some pimped out, extravagant living. Dreamy Neptune continues to bring glamour to your career zone for the fourth year in a row. You’re starting to get the hang of feeling and living like the rock star you are, Gem!

Neither you nor your twin take kindly to being backed into a corner, Gemini. When it comes love, you like to keep it light and the commitment as open and flexible as possible, for as long as possible. The only problem with that is when you find a total catch and the clock is ticking in the ‘maybe’ zone. This year the stakes are sky-high. If you haven’t already landed your dream twin, you will. And if you’re still hemming and hawing with the one that arrived in 2014, expect to go committed or go home (alone).

The pressure is totally on because Saturn is taking residence in your partner zone for the next few years, Gemini. The cosmic taskmaster doesn’t mess around with the superficial and requires the long-haul dedication. You’re being tested on your commitment level and ability to define the boundaries and structures around relationships. If you absolutely don’t want or feel ready to settle down, you’ll have to define some seriously integrated single-hood for yourself in a way that feels steady and grounded. The point is not to waver or sit on the fence. Try that, and Saturn will most definitely bring you to your knees before the year is finished.

To double-up on this love theme (and you’re all about the doubles, Twinstar), the North Node of Fate will continue to bless your house of romance again this year. The magic and (possibly ob-session) that began last year could easily go to the next level. If you’re not in love with a human, this could be your love of a creative project or child. If you’re in the market for making babies, you have the support of destiny to help you bring a new child into this world, even if only a creative baby or adoption of a new pet. The choice is always yours, Gemini.

The only caveat in the love department is not to lose touch with your friends by putting all of your eggs in the love basket. Your social circle is starting to miss you and your buddies could totally use some quality time before another year goes by. Finding the balance is never easy or fun, but friends are every-thing.
You’re finally feeling unfettered and fancy free in the work department, Gemini. All of the pressure and obstacles you encountered in 2014 should now be put to rest. The only exception comes between late June and September when Saturn backs up into your work zone to help you tie up any loose ends or unfinished business. Be sure you have your daily schedule running like a well-oiled machine by then. That gives you the first half of the year to get your act in tiptop shape, Twinstar.

Your creativity is totally off the charts between the ongoing presence of the North Node of Fate amping up your playful side and Jupiter amping up your mental sector with big ideas. Oh, and add the ongoing Neptune brilliance lighting up the top of your chart in the most visionary and inspired way possible. It’s nearly impossible for you not to create something gorgeous, glamorous and innovative. You’ve also got the breakthrough energy of Uranus in your sector of friends and collaborators to assure that you attract some radical thinkers to keep your career path fresh and ahead of the curve. The more you’re willing to take risks with your long-term goals and dreams in 2015, the more generous the payback.

June (your birthday season) jump-starts a crazy productive spell for you, Gemini. You’ll have Mars powering up your stars and then Jupiter moving to the base of your chart in August to give you another dose of inspiration and luck. Late September is definitely a total work surge for you when Mars and Jupiter join forces to turn you into nothing short of a creative factory. If you’ve gotten a bit ahead of yourself, you can use the Venus Retrograde phase to slow down and catch up with your soul. That sweet slowdown comes just in time for summer. If you have failed to take a proper summer vacay in years (which is most likely the naughty case), no more excuses, Twins. This is your year to mix the business with the pleasure for a change. You’ll have enough success to finance a killer vacation. What are you waiting for? Get on the horn and put some serious leisure time on the 2015 calendar before all of the space gets filled up. You know that when you blink, you’re fully booked.

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Taurus

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Taurus
Ruts be damned – you’re going to break that rusty cage this year, Taurus! 2015 is all about releasing the rubbish from your life so that you can embrace some glorious new horizons. Letting go is your least favorite endeavor, and yet you’ve nearly achieved mastery when it comes to non-attachment in your relationships. You’ve been there and done that when it comes to enduring the pain that ensues from clinging too tightly. You’re learning to appreciate what you have in the moment, count your blessings, and stay present in the gratitude of what is rather than what was or what could be. This is a year to make your existing structures stronger and expand on your fabulous vision. Magic is yours for the making in 2015!

This is also a year for reconnecting to your roots of strength and creativity in preparation for a steamy little romantic cycle that kicks off this August. Pleasure and love are yours in great abundance from late summer until well into 2016, so savor every second! This good fortune in your love department comes but once every 12 years, so you don’t want to miss it by remaining stuck in your loyal zone of duty and responsibility. Give yourself permission to break free during those late summer months to truly indulge in the goodness that life insists on delivering in a major way.

You can finally let down your guard as Big Daddy Saturn bids his final farewell to your relationship zone and opposite constellation of Scorpio. The pressure is off with the exception of a brief return between June and September. Consider this the relationship tune-up of the year. You’ve survived some major shadow work with significant others and faced your own dark side. You’re ready for a reprieve and some serious vacation days. 2015 is sure to deliver this and more!

Jupiter will spend the first half of the year at the base of your chart, bringing courage, optimism and an expansive outlook. You’re feeling more generous than you have in over a decade with the need to lavish yourself and loved ones like royalty. You’re also more obsessed with making your home your kingdom (or queendom) than ever before. There is a potent Venus retrograde cycle taking place this summer between your love zone and your home sector. You’re learning to really embody the lover in you. You live for love, beauty, and affection and will no longer feel the need to make any excuses or apologies where those essentials are concerned.

Work and health continue to be two major areas of focus this year as the Nodes of Fate finish up the work that began in 2014. The obsession with curating the perfect daily schedule is quite overwhelming at times but the results are worth it. You may actually achieve that ever-elusive balance once and for all, Taurus.

This could easily be one of the most romantic years on record, Taurus. It only comes but once every 12 years that Jupiter brings his lotto-worthy luck to your love life. Starting this August, Jupiter graces your romance zone until well into 2016. In late September and through October, Mars will join Jupiter to really get the party started. You will have more energy than you probably know what do with.

You’re a loyalist by nature, so you will need a partner that can keep up with your libido this year. Your sexual prowess hits an all time high in late summer-early fall and you’re the true embodiment of sex-magic, darling. You’ve earned this deliciousness after all that you’ve endured in 2014. You’ve seen enough trials and tribulations and loss with relationships to last you for the rest of your life. You wear the crown of having learned the hard way to love from a place of strength rather than need in 2014, and this has truly empowered you in the way you mate, date or relate. No longer codependent, needy or clingy, you’re a true lover in the highest sense.

The Nodes of Fate will continue to teach you about reciprocity and balance in relationships until the end of this year. You are legendary for your stubborn qualities and potential greedy, needy fixed-Earth energy when it comes to taking more and never feeling quite satiated. That said, you are always one to come through on your word and promises and that counts for a lot in this day and age of fickle commitments. However, this year you may feel torn between being true to your independent streak and the ongoing duty and responsibility you feel toward your loved ones. You are looking to break free while simultaneously going deeper in love. This is no mean feat, but if anyone can conquer the impossible with patience and perseverance, it’s you!
You’ll have the ongoing presence of the North Node of Fate in your work zone all year long, Taurus. All of the important balance and beauty skills that you got under your belt in 2014 will come in mighty handy as the planets push you to the next level with your projects this year. The quest for the perfect daily schedule can easily became an all-consuming obsession under this influence, so try to keep some perspective on it and let go of all perfectionist tendencies. Nothing is perfect, nor do you want it to be.

Balance is a constant work-in-progress, Taurus. Once you start something, you will not shift modes or directions unless someone comes and physically forces you out of the trenches you have dug those stubborn little heels of yours into for the duration. You’re learning about flexibility this year as well as resourcefulness. Saturn, the taskmaster will be working on your house of resourcefulness and deep research. Get ready to uncover some of your deepest fears as well as strengths when it comes to getting to the bottom of your true desires and worldly ambition this year.

This April could easily be one of your most productive spurts as Mars powers up your stars. You prefer to take things slow and steady, but this may be your one exception to the rule, Taurus. Of course you’ll never rush anything, but you will gain momentum during this high-energy phase. In June, the cosmic taskmaster (Saturn) will move back into your house of clients and contracts to tie up any loose ends and unfinished business from 2014. This is your chance to get the full closure you’ve been waiting for and leave behind any toxic connections or contracts once and for all.

Next, your sweet ruling planet (Venus) will go retrograde at the base of your chart in July and August which would be an ideal time to take a bit of a sabbatical as your desire to do as close to nothing as possible will surely prevail. Finally, the last quarter of the year is your chance for really pulling everything together as you have the creative influence, joy and backing from Jupiter to make your work more like play. This is by far one of the most creative career phases you have experienced in over a decade, Taurus! Cheers!

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Aries


2015 Yearly Horoscope: Aries

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You’re like a Ram ready to break out of the gate this year, Aries! The cosmic taskmaster has finally moved on from the underworld sector of your chart, giving you a break from all of the painful inner work of facing your demons. You’ve literally been to hell and back since 2012. You’ve faced your darkest fears, delved into your deepest insecurities and uncovered the most complex layers of your sexuality. Now you’re ready for a breath of fresh air.

2015 is about breaking new ground and reconnecting with your spiritual path in a new way. Enough wallowing in the darkness. Travel beckons and you will be reworking your entire philosophy and worldview while seeking important mentors and guides. Only those with tried-and-true experience and wisdom will do. You have a discerning eye when it comes to whom you will allow into your sacred world in 2015. You’ve learned the hard way what it means to be too trusting in that naive Aries way.


Keep your head up, Aries. Although you’ve become the master of release, you’ve likely had enough letting go and loss for one lifetime. This year completes the end of a 19-year nodal cycle with the South Node (attachments of the past) in your stars until December of this year. This has to do with releasing ego, and any of the more domineering, me-centered ways notorious of your sign. You’re learning the art of compromise and diplomacy like never before.

The good news is that this South Node in Aries cycle won’t return for another 19 years. Use this year’s finale to purge your life of all that no longer serves you. Travel lightly because there’s so much new coming in. Venus will have her annual retrograde cycle this summer, which means a return of old lovers and love themes. You’ll also experience a sense of falling in love with your work, or with old projects, in a way that surprises you this summer.

March is your strongest mojo month as your ruler, Mars, will move into your stars for the entire month. Use this powerful time to get back into tip-top shape and push your goals and desires to the next level. You’ll continue to have the unpredictable and rebellious influence of Uranus in your stars traveling quite close to the South Node. You’re truly breaking patterns and coming out of major stagnation this year. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be fearless, this is your year to experience that power of total not-giving-a-damn power. You’re stepping into the fiery fierceness of your most authentic self this year, Aries! Own it! Live it! Love it!

You may be taking a hiatus from putting too much emphasis on your love life until spring, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, you’re one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, so this probably means you will put 60 instead of 90 percent of your attention on romance at the start of the year (at least until March). If you’re still in the midst of a karmic love tangle, you may be reworking the terms of your union until April. The theme of negotiation in the whole give-and-take cycle continues for another year. Reciprocity is a major theme again.

The full force of the love drug returns when Jupiter goes direct in your romance and pleasure zone this April. Enjoy this strong love influence until Jupiter moves into your work zone in August. You’ll also have the North Node of fate in your relationship zone until December, so this year is highly significant for learning many important lessons in love. Think of this as the next level of all the relationship wisdom you’d tucked under your belt in 2014.

March is one of the sexiest months on record, as you have both Venus and Mars in your stars at the same time. Don’t miss out on this super-powered influence of desire and physicality. You’ll feel like a total magnet during this time and will have a hard time not jumping headfirst into a new love affair. You will definitely have to fend off your adoring fans during this time, Aries. Spring fever will take on a whole new level of meaning.

If you are incomplete with a soul mate from your past (or your present), use Saturn’s brief retrograde phase into your house of sex and intimacy between June and August to get some final closure. Unfinished lessons from late 2014 may also resurface during this time. Consider this summer you opportunity for a sexy little do-over. There are always second chances, darling. You’re learning so much about yourself through the lens of love, and you’ve certainly seen the good, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly — and lived to tell.
Use the first quarter of 2015 to really accelerate before Pluto goes retrograde in your career zone in April. The career breakthrough theme is present all year long as Pluto continues to introduce you to new levels of your power and potential, Aries. Add to this the innovative tension from experimental Uranus in your own stars, and the alchemy is ripe for cutting-edge ingenuity in your chosen field. The tension between these two planets in the beginning of the year pushes you to embody the highest level of your integrity and nothing less. In fact, you can’t get away with anything second-rate, and you know and feel this at your very core. Just be careful not to push yourself to the point of total exhaustion. There is a tendency to fry your nervous system by overdoing it. Pluto and Uranus have a relentless way of pushing you to your edge, which is excellent for your creative potential, but hard on your nerves.

Mars will start the year off right by powering up your house of long-term goals and social connections, so work those contacts. Use January to network until you drop. You can retreat in February when Mars goes into your dream zone. March will be your month to really jump in headfirst when Mars moves into your own stars. In April, Jupiter will come out of retrograde in your creativity zone, so expect any frustrations and delays to lift and the abundance of pleasure in self-expression to dominate the scene until August. August through December is especially lucky, expansive and busy as Jupiter moves into your work zone. This summer will be more about process than outcome, so think of amping up productivity levels earlier in the year.

Mentors, teachers and guides play an important role in facilitating your next level of learning this year. You’ll have Saturn, the planet of wise elders in your house of teachers and higher education for most of the year. Saturn will retrograde in March, which could cause you to step back and rethink your choice of teachers or reconnect with mentors from your past. There could be some unfinished business this summer when Saturn returns for a short stint in the sector of your horoscope that rules what you owe to others. Pay off any lingering debt once and for all before the Autumnal Equinox if possible. This is is your year to integrate your self-expression and creativity into your career for maximum joy, abundance and happiness all around. You’re going to go far, Aries, and you can thank your fabulous mentors for that this year!