28 Surreal Pictures Of Our World From Above

Earth From AboveEarth is a beautiful place.

Seeing our planet from above can completely change your view of the world.

Aerial photography offers a new vantage point, and helps show the spectacular beauty of our planet as well as the impact we’ve had on it.

Reuters has rounded up the best bird’s eye view images taken by astronauts, satellites, helicopters, and passenger planes.

From the Amazon Rainforest to the jagged coastline of Big Sur, these pictures will blow you away.

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is seen from a seaplane in September 2014. Halong translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea,’ and the bay has over 2,000 islands.

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The 25 Best Museums In The World, According To Travellers

The Top 25 Museums In The World

Museums provide the unique experience of seeing some of the greatest masterpieces of all time close up. Walking the halls of some of the famed museums allow the chance to learn about different societies, ideas, and values.

To celebrate some of the most incredible museums in the world, we have rounded up the winners of the TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice awards for 2014.

From Bogota to Chicago here are the top 25 museums in the world.

#25 The Gold Museum in Bogota, Columbia has the largest collect of pre-Hispanic gold.

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Calle 16 # 588, Bogotá, Colombia

The Museo del Oro in Bogota, Colombia has more than 33,000 items of gold and emeralds crafted in pre-Hispanic times.

The collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, breast plates, masks figurines, and rings created from 500 D.C. until the Spanish arrived in the sixteenth century.

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The 25 Best Restaurants In The World, According To Travellers

25 Best Restaurants in the World TRB, in Beijing.

World-of-mouth has always been an amazing resource for finding the latest great places.

It’s how you discover that a restaurant in Montreal will give you cigars upon arrival, that a place in Copenhagen will shower you in champagne, or that the best restaurant in Beijing is actually hidden inside a restored Temple.

So when TripAdvisor wanted to compile a list of the best restaurants from around the world for 2014, they did so based purely on the ratings and reviews from millions of real travellers.

From Chicago to San Sebastian, these are the best restaurants in the world right now along with original TripAdvisor user reviews.

#25 Costes, Budapest, Hungary

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‘There is no surprise that this place has earned a Michelin Star. It is very much deserved. The food was absolutely amazing. Honestly, words can’t do it justice. The flavours, textures, and cooking methods used were phenomenal. The ‘treat’ at the beginning of the meal was fantastic and the tomato macaroni was a highlight for me. And then there was the service. All of the staff were attentive and helpful. They clearly knew what they were doing.’ – TripAdvisor reviewer Amanda H

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The Best Places For Apple Picking Near New York City

Apples Tis the season.

Without apples we wouldn’t have some of the best treats out there: apple pie, cider, hard cider, cider doughnuts — basically everything that is right and good in this world.

So, if you’re looking to get away this weekend, why not spend some time picking apples? We rounded up some of the best places near New York City to get away for the weekend and come home with a bushel full of fall’s favourite fruit.

But hurry! Apple picking season winds down near the end of October.

1. Applewood Orchards and Winery

For those wanting to spend the weekend drinking wine and eating apples, head to Applewood Orchards, which also happens to be a winery.

Located in the heart of Hudson Valley, the orchard also has plenty of attractions, including an herb and rose garden, wagon rides, puppet shows, and (of course) freshly pressed apple cider.

There is no admission, parking, or entertainment fees — you simply pay for the apples you take.

Applewood Orchards is located at 82 Four Corners Road, Warwick, NY

AppleWoods Farm Winery

Jonezer/ Flickr

2. Fishkill Farm

This apple orchard has been in the same family for nearly 100 years. Fishkill’smission is to combine the historical identity of the “u-pick” orchard with sustainable farming methods.

They have Harvest Festival Weekends all through October, where they offer homemade food, doughnuts, cider, hayride, and live music. With views of the Catskills, you can relax while listening to live music and eating homemade pies.

Plus, you can pick peaches and nectarines if apples aren’t your thing.

Fishkill Farm is located at 9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction, NY


Yi-ching lin/ Flickr

3. Wright’s Apple Farm

Wright’s 453 acres farm produces 100,000 bushels of apples annually. They also grow a variety of other fruits, including cherries, peaches, plums, and nectarines

The farm also has a roadside farmer’s market that’s open year-round and a bakery that makes assortments of pies every day — and plenty of pumpkins.

Wright’s Apple Farm is located at 669 State Route 208, Gardiner, NY

Wright's Farm

Gabe Fender/ Flickr

4. Masker Orchards

Masker’s has been around for over 100 years and has a 200 acre orchard chock full of apples for the taking.

They are located in the middle of the Hudson Valley, and are a good option for young families since they offer plenty of fun options for children including barnyard baby animals as well as pony and wagon rides.

Masker Orchard is located at 45 Ball Rd, Warwick, NY

Masker Pony Ride

Richard Feliciano/ Flickr

5. Stuart’s Fruit Farm

Stuart’s has been a family-operated farm since 1828, and grows 14 different varieties of apples for picking in October.

Plus, they have hayrides on the weekends and a pumpkin patch so you can get all your favourite fall activities on.

Stuart’s Fruit Farm is located at 62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs, NY


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50 Fictional Places That You Can Visit In Real Life

If you’ve ever imagined travelling to the kingdom of Arendelle, walking the streets of King’s Landing, or exploring the eerie setting of Twin Peaks? Now you can.

A new infographic released from Just The Flight shows the 50 real life places that inspired some of our most beloved stories.

Now the only question is: which will you try to visit first? See the full list below.

Fictional destinations

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A Colourful Vietnamese Chapel Was Named The Best New Building In The World

ChapelThe chapel is located in a new urban ward right outside Ho Chi Minh City

A jury of architecture experts at the seventh annual World Architecture Festival (WAF) named a chapel in Vietnam “building of the year” for 2014 out of nearly 300 projects.

The chapel, designed by a21studio, is a community space located right outside Ho Chi Minh City.

There is a lack of communal centres outside of Ho Chi Minh City as a result of a estate crisis, according to the WAF website. This new building was designed as a place for people of the community to hold weddings and exhibitions, as well as participate in conferences.

The space plays around with natural elements, and encourages members of the community to stay and enjoy “a light coffee and snack.”

“Colour and light have been deployed to put people at ease and the architect has found poetry in the mundane,” said Paul Finch, WAF’s program director.

The building is made out of steel frames and metal sheets that were recycled from the owner’s previous projects.


“The judges felt this was a project that embraced history and modernity, and created a dialogue in the process,” said Finch in a press release. “It has created maximum effect with minimum materials and has produced an unexpected change of pace in its urban context.”


The rainbow chapel sticks out from its surroundings thanks to colourful curtains that welcome people from around the community inside.

The chapel a21studioThe Chapel as seen through the woods.

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An Australian beach is among the 10 best beaches in the world, according to travellers

Whitehaven BeachThe remote Whitehaven Beach in Australia is only accessible by boat.

Now is the perfect time to escape to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

TripAdvisor has just released its 2015 Travellers’ Choice Awards, which ranks the best beaches in the world based on millions of reviews from real travellers.

Baia do Sancho, a beach on the remote Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, was named the best in the world for the second time in a row.

From the white sands of Turks and Caicos to the crystal clear waters of Italy’s Rabbit Beach, here are the top 10 beaches in the world.

10. Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi, Greece

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The 20 most popular places to visit in winter

15. Chamonis:shutterstockFeeling daring? You could travel to Chamonix and climb the ‘Aiguille du Midi.’

Cold winter months can cause a bit of cabin fever in everyone — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away.

Gogobot just released the winners of its 2015 Travellers’ Favourites Awards, based on reviews from thousands of travellers as well as destination booking data.

One of the categories assessed the top winter destinations.

From the ski slopes of California’s Big Bear mountain to the beaches of Cape Town, here are the top 20 destinations to travel to this winter.

20. Jackson, Wyoming, USA

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24 Remarkable Places To Stay Around The World

Kapari Natural Resort

The National Geographic Society recently announced its collection of the most inspirational sustainable hotels and lodges around the world.

These hotels are devoted to preserving the local environment and culture while still offering top-notch service and amenities to guests.

Each of the 24 hotels included on this list were selected from a rigorous vetting process.

From a lodge built on a hillside where two oceans collide to a bungalow retreat in the rain forests of Costa Rica, these are some of the most remarkable places to stay in the world.

Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco

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18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime

If you love books, libraries are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world.

To celebrate these monumentally important buildings, we’ve complied a list of the most magnificent libraries on the planet.

From a library hidden in the forests of Beijing to one in Egypt that was designed like a sundial, these are the libraries that all book lovers should visit in their lifetime.

1. The Admont Library in Admont, Austria

Located in the foothills of the Alps, this beautiful library is the second largest monastery library in the world. The library hall was designed in the late Baroque style by the architect Joseph Hueber in 1776 with a nearly 230-foot-long hall that contains 200,000 volumes.

The ceilings were painted by Bartolomeo Altomonte and show the stages of human knowledge, up to the high point of Divine Revelation.

Best Libraries From Around The World - The Admont

2. George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Peabody Library was funded by the the philanthropist George Peabody. Peabody built the library as a gift to the citizens of Baltimore for their kindness and hospitality.

Designed by 19th-century architect Edmund Lind, Peabody is known for its interior that has a soaring atrium. The five stories of cast-iron balconies are filled to the brim with books, and the skylight roof showers the library in natural light.

Libraries From Around The World - Peabody

3. The Royal Library Of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark

Completed in 1999, the ‘Black Diamond’ was built as an extension to the national library of Denmark. The neo-modern library gets its name from its polished black granite and irregular angles.

The library’s harsh exterior is interrupted by an atrium made from only glass. This glass atrium makes the interior of the building an incredible space that is full of light and views of the water, which makes for a really gorgeous reading environment.

Best Libraries From Around The World - The Royal Library of Copenhagen

 4. Musashino Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto designed the library to be the simplest library in the world, made from only bookcases and a glass exterior. The 20-foot high walls are made from bookshelves, and are only interrupted by bridge-like reading areas.

Fujimoto tells arcspace that the only things you need to make a library are “books, shelves, light, and beautiful places.”

Libraries From Around The World - Musashino library

5. Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Boston Public Library contains roughly 23 million items, making it the second-largest public library in the US. The library is known for its incredible courtyard, Italian-inspired architecture, entrance atrium, and its quintessential library reading room: Bates Hall.

The Bates Hall of the library is named after Joshua Bates, the library’s first benefactor. In 1852, Bates agree to donate a large sum to the building of the library with a few conditions: that the building would be an ornament to the city and that it be perfectly free for everyone.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Boston Public Library

6. Stuttgart City Library in Stuttgart, Germany

This cube-shaped, nine-story library takes its design from the Pantheon of ancient Rome, according to Designboom.

The aim of the library was to create a continuum inside of the room, so the entire room is painted in uniform pure-white. The only colour in the building comes from the books themselves.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Stuttgart City Library

7. José Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City, Mexico

Designed by architect Alberto Kalach, the library is a concrete and glass structure. The bookshelves look as if they are hovering in midair, and a giant whale skeleton hangs in the center of the library.

The library is named after José Vasconcelos, who was a philosopher and politician. Vasconcelos was an important cultural figure in Mexico and an active promoter of reading.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Vasconcelos Library

8. Liyuan Library in Beijing, China

Located in a small village outside of Beijing, the single-story library blends into its forest surroundings. The library is made from timber beams and its exterior is covered in sticks, according to dezeen. The light of the library comes from the cracks in the twig frame.

The building may be covered in firewood but it has a very advanced integrated cooling system that draws in cold air from the lake it sits on. The library is also completely eco-friendly and made from all recyclable material.

Plus, it looks like an incredibly cozy place to sit and read a book.

Liyuan Library

9. Vennesla Library and Cultural Center in Vennesla, Norway

This library in Norway is made of a series of arcs, or “ribs,” that support the roof. The concept of the building comes from the ribs of a whale skeleton.

“In this project, we developed a rib concept to create usable hybrid structures that combine a timber construction with all technical devices and the interior,” architects Helen & Hard told ArchDaily.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Vennesla Library

10. Beinecke Rare Book Library in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

The Beineck Rare Book & Manuscript Library is the literary archive of the Yale University Library, and is the largest building in the world devoted to the preservation of rare books and documents. The entire library is shaped around the massive display in the center.

The library’s building is iconic because of its incredible Vermont marble, granite, bronze, and glass ‘windows’ that were designed to filter in enough light so that rare materials can be displayed without damage, according to ArchDaily. From the outside, the building looks as if it is completely solid.

The Beineck’s vast collection includes a Gutenberg Bible.

Libraries From Around The World - Beinecke Rare Book

11. Alexandria Library in Alexandria, Egypt

The original library of Alexandria was established in the third century B.C., and was one of largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. When it was destroyed in the third century A.D., there were countless scrolls and books that were lost.

The new library of Alexandria was built in 2002 to pay homage to the openness of the original library. Built by Snøhetta architects, the building is designed like a sundial and tilts towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Alexandrina Library

12. Central Library in Seattle, Washington, USA

First opened in 2004, the 11-story glass and steel building in downtown Seattle was designed to be a reinvention of the traditional library. The contemporary building is not only a space dedicated to books, but is also an access point for all forms of media.

Designed by Rem Koolhass, the building combines “futuristic lines with the functionality of a library.” The interior of the building is notable for its large public spaces and natural light.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Central Library

13. Trinity College Dublin Library in Dublin, Ireland

Famed for its ‘Long Room,’ the library of Trinity College library is home to the largest collection of books in Ireland.

The over 200-foot-long main room is covered in marble and dark wood pilasters. When it was first completed, the ‘Long Room’ had a flat ceiling, but the roof was raised to accommodate more books.

Best Libraries From Around The World - Trinity Library

14. Sir Duncan Rice Library in Aberdeen, United Kingdom

The Sir Duncan Rice Library is the new library of the University of Aberdeen. The library incorporates 21st-century design, and has a huge spiraling atrium in its center.

The library gained a lot of attention for the range of sustainable features that were included in its design. The spiraling atrium lights up all eight floors — the building also has photovoltaic cells on its roof to convert the energy of light directly into electricity.

Libraries From Around The World - Sir Duncan Rice Library

15. Sainte-Geneviève Library in Paris, France

The Sainte-Geneviève library is the main research and reference library for the students of the University of Paris.

Constructed in the mid-19th century by the famed architect Henri Labrouste, the library is well-known for its cast iron column reading room. The MoMA even described the library as a “temple of knowledge and a space for contemplation.”

Sainte Genevieve Library

16. New York Public Library in New York, New York, USA

The New York Public Library has nearly 53 million items, and is the third largest library in the world. The incredible Beaux-Arts landmark was one of the largest marble structures in the US when it was built.

The Rose Main Reading Room of the library stretches nearly two city blocks. The reading room measures 297 feet long by 87 feet wide, and has 42 long oak tables for visitors to sit in.

Beautiful Libraries From Around The World - New York Public LIbrary

17. Kanazawa Umimirai Library in Kanazawa City, Japan

This three-story library in Japan is designed like a “cake box,” with large white hole-punched windows that light up the space. The library is meant to be a tranquil room, and the “punching walls” are meant to make it look like a forest of books.

“This environment would allow users to experience the joy of reading while surrounded by a treasure trove of books with a overwhelming physical presence, something that the convenience of electronic and digital books cannot offer,” the architects told ArchDaily.

Beautiful Libraries From Around The World - Kanazawa Library

18. Royal Portuguese Reading Room in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Built in the 19th century, this gorgeous rooms is home to over 350,000 works — and the largest collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal.

The library is known for its Neo-Manueline design, which “evokes the Gothic-Renaissance style that flourished during the time of the Portuguese Discoveries,” according to My Modern Met.

The room is completely covered in books, many of them rare works dating back to the 16th century. It’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves to be surrounded by beautiful books.

 Most Beautiful Libraries From Around The World - Royal Portuguese Reading Room

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