2015 Yearly Horoscope: Pisces

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Pisces

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Get ready for love, romance, and glamour galore in 2015, Pisces. You’ve got so much going for you in the realm of partnering and fusion. Neptune continues to bring the special sparkle to your sign (that began in 2012). You’re an irresistible sexy siren with the added bonus of Jupiter in your opposite sign starting this August. You can use this power to your own discernment, dear. You have enough magic to go solo, if you so choose. If you have been having trouble cutting cords with someone or something on the toxic side, this new phase starting in August will help you to get clear on making the break. If it’s not in your highest interest, it doesn’t belong, and it won’t stay.

Relationships are definitely highlighted with Jupiter in your polar opposite constellation, but that encompasses all of your significant one-on-ones. Your tendency is to merge, but Jupiter brings the wisdom to hold your own while choosing your companionship carefully. Virgo is the sign of picky discrimination, so you’re less likely to see your beloved through the typical Neptunian rose-colored glasses once this new phase kicks in this summer.

The last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares will hit this March, close to your birthday. You have been in a long-standing evolution of the kind of friendships you choose to nurture. This finale of breakthrough energy will help make it crystal clear what you desire and what you need to release in order to come into your highest form of authentic magic. The transformation may have felt imperceptible in that typical Pisces, subtle way, but trust that there is major change happening in terms of your dreams, wishes, and social network. Money issues can be a bit unpredictable and explosive at times, but at least you’re learning the supreme lesson of detachment and flexibility when it comes to the material world.

As your planetary guide, Jupiter starts 2015 in retrograde status along with Mercury. This could have you in a retrospective mode, especially when it comes to daily discipline and routine. It’s super important to take notice of the rituals that support you versus those that drain you. If anything, taking more time for health, healing, and well-being is essential while Jupiter retrogrades in your solar Sixth House until April 8th. Don’t allow pressure and stress to mount until the point of strain on your heart and circulatory system.

There is a potent Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20 that could bring many submerged issues to the forefront, including health if you haven’t been taking good care of yourself, darling fish. If you’re feeling sluggish and drained, keep the faith because April brings revitalization in the form of a Grand Earth Trine, plus your ruling planet (Jupiter) going direct in Leo. Also, Mercury and Mars bolster your intuitive powers on April 22.

Domestic affairs could get a bit messy this May with the second Mercury retrograde at the base of your chart (May 18 through June 11). Old and almost-forgotten family issues could rear their ugly heads once again this spring/summer. Watch for gossip and petty backbiting with relatives, and don’t believe everything you hear during this tricky transit.

On a more spiritual and sublime note, your ruler will have a standoff with Neptune this July, bringing the whole business of romantic merging into the spotlight. You may have a hard time figuring out where you end and another begins in 2015, Pisces. Then again, this is an eternal issue for your sensitive and permeable style.

There is an incredibly romantic influence bursting on your scene in 2015, Pisces. First off, you’ve got the glamorous and alluring presence of Neptune in your stars for the long haul. Let your siren call magnetize the kind of loving presence you most desire.

If you have been feeling trapped in a negative or all-consuming love affair that has zapped your life force due its toxic properties, Jupiter will likely set you free this summer by shining the light on how much you have been sacrificing in the name of love and relationships. Your discrimination kicks in once again, and you can bid farewell to any codependent tendencies that were holding you back from true companionship and connection. Jupiter brings great wisdom to your house of partnering starting in August until the end of the year.
Saturn is a bit missing-in-action between June and September, so try to get your game face on before then. You’ll need a serious sabbatical this summer if anything productive is going to happen during the surrounding months of 2015, Pisces. You prefer to live in a dream world of your own making as it is, but this summer could be a total free-for-all. September is an excellent time for manifesting something close to miraculous connections and benefactors when it comes to making your vision a reality.

Your two ruling planets will face off to magnetize some powerful juju to your glamorous world. Plus, the continued presence of Neptune in Pisces reminds you to live on the invisible and energetic plane first to create the outer world movie you so desire. You understand the energetic mechanics behind this world of illusions and delusions more than most and can thus work the magic of the subtlest realms. Music, poetry, dance and cinema are your best friends when it comes to sourcing inspiration. Use the summer months to reconnect to exotic forms of imagery and inspiration when Saturn moves back into your house of foreign travel and delights. Venus will play a very powerful role in your career this September, so get the play and escapism out of your system this summer in order to be money-minded during the latter half of 2015. You don’t want to miss out on the fabulous career mojo.

After September 22, Saturn will go back into your career zone and push you to attain what you never thought possible. This will require consistent dedication and ongoing, relentless efforts but the rewards are so worth the effort, Pisces. Just push yourself to push through for the next few years and you’ll be totally smitten with the outcome, not to mention exceedingly proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re some kind of dazed and confused, dreamer. You’re a powerful visionary and manifestation machine.

The powerful Solar Eclipse in your house of others coincides with all of this powerful fall planetary action to speed up change and advancement towards your potential and goals. You could easily attract a partner to support your vision and take care of the side of things that are harder for you. In other words, your perfect compliment. You know, the one to handle the details and take care of all of those challenging mundane day-to-day challenges.


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