What is Twin Soul ?


I have had a feeling for this guy for over 11 years.  It has been a quite a hard years because although we both have a feeling for each other, it does not seem to work out.  At age of 27,  my friends began to get married, some with babies and some already having multiple kids, I began to wonder what is going to happen to me.  The guy and I had talked about making it work if we ever end up n the same country but we both could not do much about it because of various reasons.

Two weeks ago,  I had a very strange dream.  He and I were together talking about finally making it work and he told me that if he has to come to Japan he cannot continue with his career so we promised to make it out somehow. We were both happy and I woke up.

This dream had caused me to do something bit out of ordinary. I went to see the fortune teller who can see the past life. I was told that he is my Twin Soul and in the past life when we were both Japanese we had a similar thing going on where we both liked each other deeply but it did not work out. I ended up getting married and he did not show up. When I went to see the fortune teller, I had no idea of the existence of Twin Soul so I did  a bit of research.

What is Twin Soul?
Before we understand the existence of Twin Soul, we need to understand that soul gain power through getting together with another soul,separte in different souls and becoming one soul. Twin Soul means two souls are made of one spirit.

How do you know if he/she is the twin soul?
Twin soul is different from soul mate in a way that you and the person are of same soul.  This means that you may think alike, have similar interests, may have lived or traveled to the similar areas…etc.  One another thing about Twin Soul is that once you two meet, you cannot get the person out of your mind.  When you meet Twin Soul,  you feel the special connection you have never had before.

For the guy and I :
1)  Though different times, lived in similar areas/country
2)  Have similar interests such as photography
3) Traveling to same countries at similar time
4) When we first met, we talked for hours. Our second meeting, it felt like we both knew each other for a long long time.

Twin Soul could be anyone around you. It could be your mother,father,sister,brother,grand father,friends. In other word, you don’t always end up marrying the Twin Soul. But when you do end up marrying the Twin Soul, you have the most spiritually fulfilling love of your life time.

In my case, he is  a friend of my ex boyfriend whom I’ve liked for 11 years. I was told that I will get message from him and we will make a plan to see each other during November to early 2016. So I wonder, will he really message me. Will it really work. What if it doesn’t. It makes me overwhelmed with fear of losing the one.



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