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Relationship Advice

AstroGirl helps people make positive changes in their lives to achieve rewarding relationships.

Please read below for AstroGirl’s generous insight into common relationship issues:


Where the stars lie in February 2015
Sun in Aquarius through February 19, then moves into Pisces through March 21
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius through February 11 and then stays in Aquarius through March 14
Venus in Pisces (exalted) through Feb 21, then in Aries through March 18
Jupiter retrograde in Leo through April 15
Saturn in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aries
Full Moon in Leo – March 5
Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces – March 20
February 14 brings with it the day the card, flower and chocolate companies celebrate and rejoice in more than any other day in the year! Valentine’s Day – the day you are expected to show/prove your love to your other half. It’s also a time many people get engaged – so there are more advertisements for engagement rings, bridal shops and honeymoon destinations than ever. And for those people who are single and have been single for some time, along with those people unhappily attached or simply going along with the flow of their lives and relationships, Valentine’s Day can bring up more than a few issues.
The Full Moon in Leo early in the month could very well heighten some of these issues and with Venus in Pisces through February 21, romance and love will be on everyone’s minds. Venus is exalted when she’s in Pisces and if you are hoping for a proposal or commitment or for your partner to come through with something romantic and different from the usual dinner, flowers and obligatory sex…
I also think that Valentine’s Day brings out the competitive streak in many ways. If you’re in a new relationship, chances are you will get a huge bouquet or gift on the 14th or 15th – something to show off to your friends and family. Enjoy it and know that it won’t happen every year once you settle into the relationship. And don’t blow up your spot too much when other people are not getting anything or anxiously awaiting the arrival of something that they hope may arrive and never does.
On February 11, Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking turns direct in Aquarius after having being out of phase since January 21. Murphy’s Law of ’whatever can go wrong will go wrong’ has been in full effect – especially for the air and fire signs. Things will start to fall into place and for those of you who have had trouble communicating with your other half, it will become a lot easier to say what’s on your mind and not allowing things to overheat or boil over and become much bigger than they need be. Venus is exalted in Pisces – meaning she is happiest in Pisces – so this flows and works nicely with Pisces, Scorpios and Cancers and Virgos and the other earth signs as well.
Mars the planet of passion and determination moves into Aries February 20 – the sign he rules over. Mars in Aries is characterized by uncontainable energy that must find an outlet. If you’re born under the sign of Aries, or have Aries rising or are a Leo or Sag, exercising more than usual may be a way of deflecting any feelings you have towards others that are not exactly sugar sweet or sugar coated! Mars in Aries can lead to promiscuity too – which could include flirting/cheating because you feel you’re bored and your partner isn’t paying you enough attention. If you go looking for attention and sexual adventures you are sure to find it. Once again,Valentine’s Day can make us feel insecure and in need of some sexual healing. Just make sure you don’t feel more alone than ever if you do engage in this or lose someone special because of a one night dalliance that ruins a budding romance or a long standing relationship.
Venus and Mars move into Aries on February 20 – so some of you will be torn between romance and sexual desire –which of course are two different things. Having your Venus in Aries – especially for women – can often lead to having an aggressive approach in which the woman chases the man. And for a man with Venus in Aries, he is sure to be quite the ladies’ man and have more than a few conquests he is happy to tell about when he needs to exaggerate his good luck in picking up chicks and his huge libido and other huge things…
And with Saturn the planet of life lessons and discipline in free and easy Sagittarius mixing it up with Venus and Mars in Aries, the second half of February is definitely going to be the sexiest part of 2015 so far. For fire and air signs especially, you will feel as if you are finally getting your groove back. Mercury the communicator moving direct in Aquarius, an air sign will also make it much easier for everyone to go about their business and be more independent going into March. Sometimesspending quality time on your own allows you to listen to what your inner voice and intuition is trying to tell you. You have to surround yourself with your own voice and block out everyone else’s and you will be able to hear exactly what your mind, body and soul is trying to tell you.
Make every day Valentine’s Day!!

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