LOVE INSIGHT: Cancer Love Compatibility


Cancers are smart and savvy operators. They are caring and supportive, and are able to combine instincts with logic. They will pamper you, but require equal, if not more attention in return. They look for a deeper connection than body and mind – nothing less than their soul mate.

cancer to aries
Cancer to Aries
Fast energy, quick minds, and inquisitiveness. Spontaneous impulses and self-expression is very important. You’ll have to work very hard in this relationship.
cancer to taurus
Cancer to Taurus
Common grounds give them a great connection. The sexual and physical attraction in this relationship is powerful and hot. You motivate each other, pursuing the goals that you’re really interested in.
cancer to gemini
Cancer to Gemini
These two have an abundance of info to share. You have the capacity to be a dynamic working team. There’s a lot of work that has to go into it for it to become permanent and long lasting.
cancer to cancer
Cancer to Cancer
Thought transference – they don’t even need to talk. The amorous feelings you arouse in one another initially are destined always to be the glue in your relationship. A few problems may arise in this relationship if one of you reinforces the other’s dependencies and weaknesses by babying them too much.
cancer to leo
Cancer to Leo
Cancers intuition, Leo’s imagination mould together. Your style of loving is all or nothing and for the both of you, it is very important. You form a complimentary pair.
cancer to virgo
Cancer to Virgo
Inquisitive natures are illuminating and harmonious. Romantic illusions, fantasies, erotic imagination and dreams of a perfect love, play critical roles in this relationship. The tendency to feel blocked and frustrated in your communication is very strong in this relationship.

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cancer to libra
Cancer to Libra
This is a romantic match providing love-lessons. Frequently your feelings just don’t synchronise – one wants it, one doesn’t. The romantic and sexual attraction between you is almost irresistible.
cancer to scorpio
Cancer to Scorpio
Intense chemistry lock these two together. For most part you’re very compatible, but your differences can cause problems at times. Both of you have very strong deep feelings and you bond very intensely, clinging tightly to each other.
cancer to sagittarius
Cancer to Sagittarius
Opposites can attract and compliment. The romantic attraction between you is very strong but your feelings are often not in tune with one another. Your differences can be complimentary and sometimes you get along quite well.

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