How to Attract Men – What does it REALLY Take?

tips on how to attract menSome women attract men by the dozen while others are left wondering what others have that they don’t. The truth is that every male ISN’T different. Each one feels attraction to specific female characteristics and by knowing what those are; you are in a better position to enter the dating scene. Here are some of the factors you need to know about. Just a warning though – these really works so be careful with the information you have.

Physical Appearance
Keep in mind that men are first attracted by the package so make sure that you’re always at your best. This doesn’t mean being draped like a runway model all the time. Just stay presentable, keep a good hygiene and wear light make up. Dress appropriately for the occasion and look for clothes that highlight your attributes. Don’t just concentrate on the visual aspect though. Your laugh, smooth skin and smell count as well so don’t be stingy with your smile and show a little skin. Choose a perfume that complements your personality and stay fit – not skinny but healthy.

Develop your Own Ideas and Opinions
The package may be the first thing that gets the guy’s attention, but it’s what is inside that keeps him interested. Hence, don’t be afraid to speak your mind and formulate your own ideas. Real men like women who can defend their stance – even if you occupy two completely different sides. Women who think independently are often called “feisty” and this is another turn-on for many men.

Be a Challenge
This doesn’t mean following the unwritten rules of womanhood like letting him call three times before picking up. Be a challenge by living your own life and going after your priorities. Let him do most of the work – men actually love that. Accept dates from a guy you like but don’t sit around waiting for an invitation. Make plans and if he really wants you, he’d make sure to be included in those plans. Remain a mystery and don’t tell him every single detail about your life.

Stay Cool
A lot of men want a woman who is “cool” – but what exactly does this mean? A cool girl is someone who is fun to be with and doesn’t cause too much drama. She doesn’t get mad if a guy hangs out with his friends because she has friends of her own. In some cases – she can even hang out comfortably with her man’s guy-friends. A cool girl doesn’t pressure a guy into doing something but at the same time, doesn’t just say “yes” to everything her partner wants. Basically, a “cool” girl is like a guy friend but better.

Master the Art of Body Language

A little encouragement goes a long way. Be flirty yet prim at the same time. Look him in the eye, smile a lot and don’t be afraid to laugh at his jokes. Doesn’t start grabbing anything though – let him make the first move in physical situations during the “getting to know” stage. Men like women who can make them feel good about themselves. It’s not necessary for you to be verbal about your interest – learn how to subtly show it through body language and he’ll pick up the rest.

Of course, those are just few of the characteristics men look for in women. Keep in mind that if a male asks you to completely change your characters – he’s not worth it.


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