Here’s Why They Love You: Your Year-Round Valentine Gift

BY D. LIGHT FEBRUARY 02, 2015 02:47 PM EST

Here's Why They Love You: Your Year-Round Valentine Gift ISTOCK

Maybe you give chocolate and roses on Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love, but you also give something from the heart year-round that cannot be bought with any amount of money. Here is a precious gift that you impart without even thinking about it all year long.

ARIES: Your enthusiasm. Being around you, others get a surge of vitality.

TAURUS: Your supportive smile and the welcoming tone in your voice.

GEMINI: Your connections. You make introductions and widen the world for others.

CANCER: Your hospitality. You give others a sense of belonging.

LEO: Your creativity. You capture imaginations.

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VIRGO: Your nurturing. You make people want to be their best selves.

LIBRA: Your tact. People feel dignified and important around you because you respect everyone equally.

SCORPIO: Your sense of romance. The world is more vivid when you share your experiences.

SAGITTARIUS: Your optimism. You note how things can get better for someone and point the way.

CAPRICORN: Your hands-on help. You pull together resources and make things happen for people.

AQUARIUS: Your philanthropy. You show others how to give.

PISCES: Your healing touch. A hug from you is magical medicine.


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