All Things Come To An End


Reason why it has been a while since I had not been updating my blog was because… well.. my relationship with M had ended. There had been quite a lot of complication with planing our wedding and it has been a disaster for me. I always believed that if a couple is in love, it will work somehow but for the first time in my life it made me realize that marriage is not only about love itself. It is more than that especially in the culture where honor of family is considered to be the priority of an individual.  I always believed that love will take care of all the worry,pain and the sorrow and once you are in love nothing makes the decision complicated because you get to be with the person you love but when I began to talk with the wedding planners while visiting the ceremony halls, I began to realize the troubles I might face when marrying into the family that centered around a star-born dad. It is very discouraging to be married into a family that is not welcoming. Family who does not do much together and have not much of a family fun time. For the first time in my life, I realized how relationship between two people who grew up in the different environment have a hard time getting a long. It is not that I began to hate him because of that but if I am getting married it is more than just adjusting to his needs or his environment I would have to do it all my life till death do us apart. It made me very worried and scared. This is why I had been putting off my blog for a while but now I am back and I am here to discuss about love and relationship.


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