You By My Side Chapter 2

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My first crush was back in first grade. A class mate of mine. I remembered we both blushed whenever we looked at each other and even though we were young, he was nice to me and I liked that he treated me little different from another girl. I was kind of a girl who grew up with lots of guy friends and not so many girl friends, so I could really see that this boy was different from another boys. I gave him a valentine gift and I remember when I had to leave Japan for Singapore, I had given my two loving hamsters for safe keeping. In the second grade when we had to write a letter to someone, I selected him and I wrote a love letter from Singapore. I don’t remember what I wrote at all but all I could remember is that I wrote letter for the first time and it was for this young boy who just made me feel special like no other girl.

In the first grade, I remember some kids my age were doing more adult things like kissing in public and they talked about getting married. This boy and I weren’t really like that. I guess when it came to boy, I was really shy. Even though I could play with lots of boys because I prefer to play outside with boys, I couldn’t talk to the boy I liked like other boys. I just remember, I could not give his valentine’s day gift on at school because I was very very shy. I gave valentine’s day gift when he came for the walk to my house with his mom and his cute white dog. That was my first little crush.


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