Saving For Wedding: Day 71

It’s been 71 day and I bought TONES of books. In the past few days, I probably got about up to 30 books. I read half of them already but I see this spending as investing for future. I want my children to read as much as they can and so compiling good children books from now isn’t that bad. Other than books, no real spending on clothing or shoes or anything like that. I did buy Halloween Costume today online but I will need it for work so it was good spending. I am so happy that I have been saving constantly. I started off from 0 yen about two years ago in my saving account. Good for me but keep on going. Gotta save up for wedding because wedding is expensive, dude!

Money And Chores: Two Relationship Killers? – Money Saving Tips …

Coming in near the top spot comes the greatest single argument causer in the history of mankind: money. This useless paper instrument that is supposed to be backed by our gold reserve has given more headaches, caused more deaths.

Distributing Motor Insurance in Affordable Fashion — Money Saving …

There is plenty more to delivering your morning newspaper than you’ll ever see on the surface of a courier which does, of course, include the courier insurance policy they keep on themselves and their business.

3 Money Saving Tips When Shopping for Groceries — Money …

Saving money never goes out of style – and this is especially the case when shopping for everyday items like groceries. Now, it is more important than ever to save where you can on your regular food-related costs.

Enhance Your Career Portfolio to Establish Work Life Balance …

If you are considering studying for a qualification in one of the many rewarding allied professions, then you will need to ensure that the higher education institution you wish to attend is properly accredited to provide.

Save Money Tips: Office Insurance – Fill My Money Box

Having a doctor’s office, human resource office, or any kind of office doesn’t seem like a haven for mishaps. However, no structure or person is illicit f. Widgets


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