How To Use Facebook in Relationship


Facebook Home | Facebook

Introducing Facebook Home, a family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.

Facebook has been extremely helpful in our relationship but at the same time it had broken up the couples. Let’s look at the few positives and negative use of facebook in a relationship..

– Help your lover and you to share fond memory together
– Help you keep in touch with your love
– Facebook official means it is now disclosed to public
– Help expand network with his/her friends
– Easy peasy to invite his/her friends on party

– All the flirtations is open to everyone
– Unwanted pictures from the past may be up
– You may see unwanted picture of your love
– May cause conflict
– Your partner could possibly see your past relationship status

So when you use facebook, deciding to be friend on facebook or not to be friend on facebook always come up. It is true that when you have a wild life of party and drunkness, you may face unwanted conflict with your lover. At the same time, facebook is easy way to share and communicate. In the past, I had a bitter experience with having boyfriend on my facebook friend list because it caused a lot of pain and conflict. Relationship status is another issue. When do we change it? When do we change it back ?

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