Couple At A Strip Bar

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For past years at the university, I have heard of many girls having a good time at strip bars as they enjoy conversation and the show. When I first heard about this, I felt it was pretty empowering for the girls to be there because despite of the fact strippers are female, they are seen as object of desire, and the space itself is male dominated. But girls have to follow one thing. Do not dress up like a “whore”. They are expected to dress in a way that do not show their cleavage and that covers their butt fully because otherwise, women are blamed when something happens.

Anyways, in recent year, I have seen, heard, and encounter couples that go to strippers on the weekend.

Is this a new phenomenon?

I am not completely sure but surely, it is something that did not happen years ago. There is something that is changing here. Surely, the number of those couples maybe handful but I think it is important to realize that they are there.

When I went to the strip bar with my ex-partner, I felt uncomfortable because I felt insecure about my look and appearances, and I was overwhelmed by the male dominated space in which I felt unwelcome. I also felt uncomfortable watching a woman strip from male gaze. I found it really problematic because as a audience, I felt I was objectifying the women.

I do not find any problem with a couple going to strip bar together as long as they are both comfortable with the space.

But maybe this male dominated space is shifting its gear towards both genders, or maybe women are claiming space in male dominated space to be included.

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