Cocos is a family restaurant famous for its square shaped hamburg. Cosos provide you with variety of food you need from Japanese food to western. There are various desserts and there is a drink bar where you can have different drinks with just one price.

そして俺は途方に暮れる 東京、香港。香港、東京。/ウェブリブログ

8 Family Restaurant (Japan) Prod: Yuji HIRATAI, Dir: Izuru KUMASAKA 9 Fellers (USA) Prods: Yoko NARAHASHI, Lucas FOSTER, Dir: TBC 10 The Fourth Portrait (Taiwan) Prod: Rita CHUANG, Dir: CHUNG Mong-Hong

hungrybella: Kurikuma

There are many more dishes to try here, so I have to come back and try them all. Everything was oishii. Posted by Hungrybella at 5:00 PM. Labels: $$, Affordable, Dinner, Family Restaurant, Japan, Japanese, Kurikuma, Kyoto, Sake, Seafood, 

<a id="b_3" class="sq_news" href="; title="Family Restaurants in Japan | Japan Reblogged” >Family Restaurants in Japan | Japan Reblogged

Nice blog about “fami-resu”. Before I read this blog, I didn’t know that some of the chain came from United States. This entry was posted in food and tagged fami-resu, family restaurant, Japan, restaurant by FotoMasa.

Jap.: Family restaurant

are snap of ‘Family restaurant’, could you try when you’ll come to Japan? It’s really convenient! See ya. nii. Mii and Nii in the ‘Family restaurant’. Posted by miiandnii at 8:20 AM. Labels: cheap, Family restaurant, JAPAN Widgets


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