Saving Up for Wedding: Day 52 -55

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Saving up for wedding has been difficult past few days. Maybe because it is summer time and there are lots of things I would like to eat and do with M, I find myself spending more money than I should. Another reason that I do not feel motivated to save up recently is the fact that I am not sure when we will be married right now. Before M had decided to change job, it was crystal clear that we will be married by next year but now that he is changing job and we will not have stable life style till he does, I am not motivated right now but… i do need to get motivated again so we can have wedding when it is time.

White House Touts “Saving Money” as a Reason to Pass …

CBO estimates $1 trillion in savings over 20 years from immigration reform.

<a id="b_7" class="sq_news" href="; title="Capturing carbon, saving money, enhancing regional communities …” >Capturing carbon, saving money, enhancing regional communities …

On August 1, the City of Portland graciously hosted the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative (NBI) along with our partners at Ecotrust and the Willamette Partnership to announce the release of NBI’s new report, Natural Infrastructure: 

Memphis Grizzlies Continue Saving Money with Tony … – Rant Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies traded Tony Wroten to the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday. Why does it appear the Grizzlies made the move?

Saving Money on Back-to-School Supplies | United Way

Saving Money on Back-to-School Supplies. 08/14/13. Children are better prepared to learn when they head to school with a backpack full of school supplies. When you have several school-age children, it can be tough to keep the supplies 

How to Make Saving Money Feel Good (so that you actually do it …

The reason I always avoided saving money is because it felt more fun to spend it than to keep it. Having money pile up in my bank account just never felt as good as going out to dinner, taking a vacation, or buying new shoes.

Nanocrystal-studded windows could keep unwanted heat and light …

Nanocrystal-studded windows could keep unwanted heat and light out, saving money. By Signe Brewster. Aug. 14, 2013 – 2:16 PM PDT Aug. 14, 2013 – 2:16 PM PDT. 2 Comments. A; A. Summary: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Saving Money, Celebrity Style |

It’s such a revelation that even rich celebrities cut corners in order to save millions, but when it comes to down to it, we can all do with a page.

Saving Money Online ~ Healthy Deals | Heavenly Homemakers

Tropical Traditions is offering a 10% discount through Monday, August 26 when you use the code 126813 at checkout. In addition, their Palm.

Money Talks News

Money Talks News is a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance news series offering tips and advice on saving money and avoiding rip Widgets


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