Saving For Wedding:Day 50

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It’s been 50days and I had been saving up or at least trying to spend as less as possible. I ate at home for breakfast and dinner. I guess key to saving to save more than you spent. These past days, my 50000yen piggy bank is getting fuller than before. I wonder what’s wrong with me but I cannot stop eating and drinking tea.

Saving For Wedding: Day 40 – You By MY Side

Today, I did not spend any money because I was at home all day. I was exhausted from everything I guess… and I was not feeling so well today. I.

Saving for Wedding: Day 29 | You By My Side

Saving for Wedding: Day 29. 30 Tuesday Jul 2013. Posted by aimi in LOVE. ≈ Leave a Comment. Tags. books, day 28, engaged, engagement, family, fiance, home, imagine, love, marriage, money, much money, relationship, 

Saving for Wedding: Day 37 – You By MY Side

Today was my pay day and big cash coming in. It is great at the same time, I know that not all money will remain in the bank account at the end of.

Saving for Wedding: Day 34 – You By MY Side

It’s been 34 days and … I treated my mom dinner. I also bought my parents a bag of delicious coffee… so I spent more money than usual in the end.

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Saving Money Tips for the Stay at Home Mom EBOOK. This book will easily save you thousands of dollars every year. Widgets


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