Angry with Cheap, Rude and Mean




Two days ago, M met his old friend who live by his house. I like that he has friends to hang out on his day off but this particular friend of M whose dating my friend makes me angry every time. I have heard that he thought I was easiest get along at gokon. He used to bug me and whenever I told him I’m interested in M, he kept saying oh, don’t worry I like your friend. I didn’t think much of it till he started calling me pretty lady even though M and I started dating. My friend whose dating him were upset he only send one text a day but for a while he used to talk to me on facebook almost everyday. When we talked on facebook, he criticize M and kept insisting that he will give M a lecture if M treats me bad. For my friend’s birthday he kept telling my friend he planned perfect day, but he didn’t even get her any present. I couldn’t stand it so I deleted off my contact list and facebonk. M still talk to him and now he talk bad about me. He says I’m controlling M even though he doesn’t know anything about us. Oh, I had emotional night. I told M that I don’t care if you two hang out but I don’t want to know what you two talked about ever again.


Why Doesn’t My Husband Address Problems Directly? : Marriage …

Of course, this is denial on his part, for the problem remains, and tomorrow is not likely to be any different. He felt confused. …. He does not respect my opinions unless my opinions are seconded by a friend or coworker. Just for an example; We 

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