Minemoto is little pricey but provide you with various kind of soba from cold to hot.  I often take my friends here when we go to Kamakura because soba here is delicious and it has this Japanese atmosphere. Often I find myself ordering set with three different kind of soba that comes with tempura.

Cold Soba & Cucumber Salad – Budget Bytes

This Cold Soba & Cucumber Salad is light and refreshing on hot summer days. Sweet, spicy, and tangy, it hits all the bases! Step by step photos.
Soba noodles, three ways – SheKnows.com

Switch up your starch and cook one of these soba noodle recipes for those busy weeknights.
The View from Great Island | Spicy Mandarin Orange Soba Noodles

I’m completely obsessed with cold noodle dishes this summer, they just feel right to me. Lots of Pad Thai, and now soba noodles. The Japanese are the ultimate masters at clean, healthy eating. I can’t think of another kind of 
<a class="sq_news" id="b_4" title="soba | farm dinner #2: aug 5-8″ href=”http://sobapa.com/2013/07/29/soba-farm-dinner-2/”&gt;soba | farm dinner #2: aug 5-8

farm dinner #2: aug 5-8. monday through thursday, august 5-8. soba invites you to this year’s second farm dinner, with each course merging pan asian flavors with the best of the local summer harvest. farmer menu #2
Soba Noodle Stir-Fry | Produce On Parade

This Soba Noodle Stir-Fry’s got tofu, broccoli and carrots, spinach, mint and basil, garlic, ginger and a whole bunch of other nutritious goodies!
<a class="sq_news" id="b_7" title="cold soba noodles with eggplant and mango • Taste With The Eyes …” href=”http://www.tastewiththeeyes.com/2013/08/cold-soba-noodles-with-eggplant-and-mango/”>cold soba noodles with eggplant and mango • Taste With The Eyes …

ottolenghi soba noodle with eggplant and mango. cold soba noodles with eggplant and mango red onion, basil, cilantro garlic chile lime dressing, peanut and lime garnish. This is Chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s dish. He says, “It is 



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