Grow Me A Money Tree



I am little tired of saving up especially because I am not sure when exactly our wedding will be. We have to delay our wedding till he gets a new job. Before he gets a new job, he needs qualification. He is planing to get his qualifications by December so… next year he will search for new job. So… if t goes smoothly I guess we will be married by next next year.  I am impatient so it is little hard to think that I have to limit my lunch money for more than three years. I would have to do it but ….if there was a tree that grows gold or money it would make my life easier.

Yesterday, M and I sat down to discuss about what qualifications he should get to change his job.  So we came up with a list:

2) Microsoft Office Specialist
3) accounting certification

These certifications will hep him get any kind of jobs because all these prepare him to do all sort of jobs.  I am very excited for him at the same time little sad that everything have to be push back little bit.

Can I find work in Japan? – Japan Reference

I’ve been thinking of looking for a job as an English teacher in Japan. Below is a summary of my experience/qualification: Native language: English, Filipino Foreign languages: Japanese (JLPT N2), French (basic) – I have 

University English Teaching Job in Japan – Teach English

Teach English in Japan CITY: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka, and Aichi START DATE: Fall 2013 term SALARY: 275000 yen per month or more. University English Teaching Job in Japan. Teach English Abroad. August 11, 2013. Tweet a) 500+ hours of actual EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience along with EFL/ESL teaching certificate and/or elementary/primary/secondary teaching credentials/qualifications. b) 1000+ hours of actual EFL/ESL classroom teaching 

Teach at University in Japan –

Posted: Thu 8th Aug 2013 05:40 GMT, Add to My Jobs’ Folder. Teach at University in Japan Westgate Corporation, Location, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Aichi, and Shizuoka, Japan. Deadline, –. Experience, 1 year. Positions, 50 credentials/qualifications b) 1000+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificates or credentials/qualifications * No Japanese language ability is required. Compensation. 1) COMPENSATION; – 275,000 yen per month




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