For One Year Anniversary


fireworks in japan

Yesterday was our one year anniversary.  M picked me up from work and we went to Asian food restaurant for earlier dinner. Since I had work yesterday, we did not have enough time to do much for one year.  So that’s why we had been planning a day trip to Osaka.  We went down to the beach by Kamakura and we did fireworks just like the day when we first met. He bought fireworks from Firework store in Asakusabashi so these fireworks longer than the ones you can buy in the convenient stores. If you have time in Japan, I think it is perfect to spend sometime to do fireworks with you partner. But make sure to check the regulations around your area. Some places are pretty strict.


Fireworks in Japan –Cheap, but comfortable stay – Sakura Hostel

>>Sakura Hostel Main Website · « How to Shock Japanese People [ Japan Food ] Biggest Youth Hostel in Tokyo, Japan | Top | 【Sakura hotel Information】 Kind of fireworks in Japan –Cheap, but comfortable stay– » 
【Sakura hotel Information】 Kind of fireworks in Japan –Cheap, but …

Hello, everyone! This is Yusa from Sakura hostel Asakusa. In the last time, I wrote an article of fireworks in Japan. Today, I introduce various kind of fireworks! ・Sparkler (線香花火) Sparkler is one of Japanese firework .
Fireworks in Waki! (and Otake) | 素敵なライフ ^~^

Fireworks in Japan are one of my favorite parts of living here, and also a big reason why I like the summer. People come out with their families, friends, and boy/girlfriends, sit on tarps with their fans, eat yakiniku (grilled meat) 
Fireworks in Japan (Hanabi) – Japan Guide

Nagaoka Fireworks. Originally used to ward off evil spirits, fireworks (花火, Hanabi) have a long history in Japan and are an integral part of Japanese summers. Hundreds of firework shows are held every year across the country, mainly during 
Some Fireworks Trivia with Oh! Edo Rocket – FUNimation

Summer is also a great time for fireworks in Japan, where they feature history and culture. Fireworks are also highlighted in a lot of anime, like Oh! Edo Rocket, the story of one intrepid pyrotechnician’s quest to launch a 
Culture and Tradition in Japan during July and August: Hanabi Taikai

As only specially trained firework artists are allowed to light fireworks in Japan, experts are brought in to create free shows for the public, and hundreds of thousands of people can show up to each one. The most famous 
Metropolis – News & Features | Snap, Crackle and Pop

Before making Passfire, we naively assumed that modern fireworks in Japan consisted of imported Chinese shells fired by local technicians, as is the case in many other countries. Although there certainly is some of that (at 
Summer festivals and fireworks | Kühl Japan

If you got used to such fireworks, you would be impressed with the fireworks in Japan. Not only the scale but also the ideas for the appearance are so nice. I am missing Japanese fireworks. In addition, the atmosphere of 



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