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Today I went to Racy’s in Tama-plaza for lunch.  When I first saw this restaurant, this place really reminded me of the American dinner and bar.  Racy’s is a bar that provides American atmosphere and delicious lunch menus at lunch time! Today, I had lunch menu with cold pasta. It came with Cob salad ( w/ chicken and avocado), soft drink (I chose American ice coffee) and pasta. Despite of the fact it was a lunch menu, the portion was pretty big compare to Japanese pasta lunch set. Atmosphere of the restaurant was really great with lots of Coca Cola signs and black and white tiled floor. Pictures by the bars showed lots of people from the night time which assume is more exciting than lunch time. It seems like this place also participated in T.V. competition for rice bowls. If you have time to hang out Tama Plaza, I recommend this place for sure.

Homesick for American food in Japan! – Japan Reference

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Veggie Turkey Sushis: Welcoming All Bastardized American Food…

But I have to admit, by far the most entertaining thing about eating in Japan is the American food. Japan deserves a lot of credit. They’ve bastardized American foods in such unexpected, yet tasty ways. There’s something 
Pizza Hut Japan Has Created A Monster | Japan Probe

In fact, pizza isn’t even an American food. Japan actually has been influenced by countries other than the U.S. (hint: there’s a reason that the Japanese called bread “pan” and it has nothing to do with the U.S. contaminating 



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