20 Location to Propose in Japan

wedding proposal


1. Chinzanso (Mejiro)

2 .Marunouchi Building(Ginza)

3. Pallet Town Ferris Wheel (Daiba)

 4. Land Mark Tower (Minatomirai)

5. Cosmo World Ferris Wheel ( Minatomirai)

6.Tokyo Bay Cruise

7. Yokohama Bay Cruise

8. Yokohama RoyalPark Hotel ( Minatomirai)

9. Sky Tree ( Oshiage)

10. TokyoTower

11. Kasai Rinkai Koen Ferris Wheel

12. Disney Land

13. Disney Sea (Mihama)

14. Shin-Enoshima Aquarium (Enoshima)

15. Sunshine City Aquari um

16. The Park Hyatt ( Shinjuku)

17. Sagamiko Lake
illumination ( Sagamiko)

18. Planetarium

19. Yomiuri
Land ilumination

20. Marriot Hotel

class=”sq_blog_content”> title=”101st Marriage Proposal (1991) – Japanese drama”
Marriage Proposal (1991) – Japanese drama <div
class=”sq_news_text”>101st Marriage Proposal (1991) – Japanese
drama. I picked this drama to watch because I have a lot of older
dramas on my list that I think need to be seen. This was the oldest
one on my list… so may as well start from
class=”sq_blog_content”> title=”gaijin husband, monster wife: marriage proposal”
husband, monster wife: marriage proposal <div
class=”sq_news_text”>marriage proposal. Here is an extract from
a message my wife sent to my brother during our first separation:
“I don’t know why he came to Japan. Really I didn’t beg or ask him
to come to Japan for me. He decided to move

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