100 Tokyo Date Ideas

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1. Yoyogi Park (Harajuku Station)
5min walk from Harajuku station.
This park is great place to talk and chill out.

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2. Sky Tree (Oshiage Station)
If you two both love to see view from up above
Sky Tree is tallest tower in Japan.

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3.Tokyo Metropolitan Building (Shinjuku Station)
It’s free to go up on the top floor of building.
From here, night view of Tokyo,Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree is beautiful.

4. Aqua City (Daiba Station)
If you are looking for romantic date, Odaiba has been
ideal date location since my mothers generation.
Aqua City is one of the mall there By this mall,
you will see small statue of liberty and beautiful view of rainbow bridge.


5. Joypolis (Daiba Station)
Joypolis is a inside amusment park created by
sega. If you are arcade fan,you may have a blast.

6. Venus Fort (Daiba Station)
When you get to Odaiba, you will see a big ferriswheel and the mall surrounding it. That’s Venus Fort. Venus Fort have European atomosphere. There is a fountain in the mall and ceilling looks like sky. The mall have outlet shops as well as stores such as Zara,H&M and Tommy. Attached to the mall is Nissan/lexus show case where you can test drive some of the cars
There is aloso arcade where you can take sticker photos.

7. Hana Yashiki (Asakusa Station)
Hana Yashiki is probably the oldest amusement park
in Tokyn area. Rides I heard haven’t changed for years. All rides are short so if you want to go for quick amusement fan in your busy date schedule this place is pretty fun.

8. Toshimaen (Toshimaen)
Toshimaen is bigger than Hanayashiki
and there are more rides. Toshimaen has
the oldest merry go round.

9. Roppongi Hills (Roppongi)

If you are up for luxurious shopping spree, this shopping mall is a place to be. Roppongi Hills is known as one of the luxurious shopping mall in Japan. There are various cafes and restaurants as well.

10.Manten ( Ikebukuro)
If you want to experience relaxing chill out time, why not go to the planetarium in Sunshine City.
11. Mori Art Museum (Roppongi)
12.Ueno Zoo (Ueno)
13.Tokyo Tower
14. Korakuen(Korakuen)
15. Tokyo Dome
16. Takaozan (Takaozan)
17. Takaozan Trick Art Musem
18. Odaiba Kaihinkoen (Kaihinkoen)
19. Jibli Museum ( Mitaka)
20. Sushine City Aquarium (Ikebukuro)
21. Shinagawa Aquarium
22. Diver City (Daiba)
23. Sora Machi ( Sky Tree)
24. Yomiuri Land (Yomiuri Land Mae)
25. Odaiba Shotengai/ Takoyaki Museum(Daiba)
26. Hikarie(Shibuya)
27. Loft
28. Tokyu hands
29. Inokashira koen (Kichijoji)
30. Kamakura (Kamakura)
31. Enoshima (Kataseenoshima)
32. Queen’s Square (Minatomirai)
33. Cosmo World (Minatomirai)
34. Cup noodle museum (Minatomirai)
35. Land Mark Tower (Minatomirai)
36. Egg ‘n Thing ( Katase enoshima)
37. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel (Minatomirai)
38. Meiji Jingu ( Harajuku)
39. Takeshit Street ( Harajuku)
40. Donkihote (Akihabara)
41. Ginza (Ginza)
42. Yuigahama (Kamakura)
43. Zushi (Zushi)
44. Yokohama Zoolashia
45. The Lock Up
46. Daikanyama
47. Kawagoe
48. Jiyugaoka
49. Ninja Akasaka
50. Tokyo Bay Cruise
60. Yokohama Bay Cruise
61. Tokyo Disney Land (Maihama)
62. Tokyo Disney Sea (Maihama)
63. Shin Enoshima Aquarium (Enoshima)
64. Lala Port
65. Marine Tower (Minatomirai)
66. Aka Rengasoko (Minatomirai)
67. China Town (Chukagai)
68. Tama Plaza
69. Granberry Mall (Minami Machida)
70. IKEA
71. Costco
72. Asakusa
73. Shibuya
74. Shinjuku
75. Omotesando
76. Yokohama Stadium
78. Akasaka
79. Yamashita Koen
80. Ikspiari (Maihama)
81. Hakkei Sea Paradise
82. Yokohama Bay Center
83. Shin okubo
84. Shidax
85. Karaoke kan
86. Big Echo
87. Out Back Steak House
88. T.G.I. Friday’s
89. Red Robster’s
90. Sea Candle (Enoshima)
91. Taito Cinema
92. Tokyo Station
93.  109 Cinema
94.  Roppongi Hills Observation View Point ( Roppongi)
95. Sumida Aquarium (Sky Tree)
96. Shinjuku Baruto  9 ( Shinjuku)
97. Decks Tokyo Beach (Odaiba)
98.  Lumine
99.  Parco
100. Kasai-rinkao Koen 

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