While He's At Work

missing dog[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57868312@N00/6176956779 to find out how to attribute this image ]

Animal rights

Animal rights is the idea that some or all nonhuman animal s are entitled to the possession of their own lives, and that their most basic

While he’s at work, I spent whole day looking for missing dogs. They are from two different family so my mom and I drove around in the car everywhere. It’s eight at night so after dinner, we will take our dogs for a walk and go on our search again. I value human rights and animal rights so I really feel that… this is important. I am glad that M understands that. He seems to be supportive of what I do.  If you live in Japan and saw dogs just like them, please contact owners phone and e-mail indicated in the following blog.



4 thoughts on “While He's At Work

  1. McCollonough says:

    I hope you found the dogs. That is so great of you to go looking for therm. Where they Shiba Inu’s I have to ask because are family has three Shiba Inus. They are our favorite breed.


    • aimi says:

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them. They had been missing for couple days now… so I gave out flyers to people. I think one of them is mix possibly with Shiba and another one is Chihuahua. I am really worried about them. Shiba inu are so adorable. I have three dogs and two cats 🙂


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