Chiba Fireworks Without M



Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic, cultural, and religious purposes. part of a fireworks display.




M and I both love fireworks.  Today was supposed to see a day M was going to buy fireworks with his friends and go to the park and watch fireworks so … I was bit jealous of him at the same time… I did not want to join them because it was with his friend who makes me really uncomfortable.  His friend used to hit on me… and I really don’t want to get close to a guy who kept hitting on me even when M and I had shown him that we are in a serious relationship. When he talks about M to me, it was always insults about M and if M did anything to me… he would punch him or something like that.  I guess he realized that I was not interested right away … and he started dating my friend but he still calling me pretty girl… and stuff which is very unusual thing to say in Japanese … so  I did not want to go to the fireworks with M today.  While I was at work today, I got a message from my friend on Line. I replied to my friend during my lunch time because it was about watching fireworks at her place. I ended up going and… it was interesting. There were 10 guys and 4 girls there… I did not feel comfortable being there not because there were lots of guys but because there was this… well… sexual tensions ? maybe?  It seems to me like all these guys came because they all know that my friend is single. Any who… the view from my friend’s place was very beautiful. Unfortunately for M, he could not finish work early as he hoped so he did not get to do fireworks. We plan to buy some fireworks and do them at the beach later this week.  It’s so easy to buy fireworks in Japan during the summer time. You can even get fireworks at convenient stores. M and his friends usually get them from firework shops down in Asakusa bashi so…they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. If you have time in Japan, I really recommend watching fireworks because they are so fantastic. Some firework shows last for an hour… some little shorter but I truly think Japanese fireworks are artistic !


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