Saving for Wedding: Day 32

wedding day


In many cultures, marriage is formalized via a wedding ceremony. governing territory of what is present-day Utah were forced by the United

32nd day… and I must say today I had spent lots of money. I had to paid back M because he sent my watch to be fixe and he paid for it… I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner out so that costed me quite a bit of money. But… I mean all these things I could not avoid especially because watch I got fixed are pair watch with M. So.. we got our ring back today~! Finally~! I felt like part of me have been missing for a while now… it has been a MONTH! It made M and I both happy. Today I was in a funny mood… I kind of teased M more than I should… I mean he is used to it by now but… I hope he knows that I love him. I apologized to him and I said thank you for everything but you know… I sometimes cannot help myself. I guess teasing is my way of reassuring that he is with me but it is bad habit… Anyhow… we are good and I really see us together. I hope it all goes well.


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