Born This Way?


Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a social union or legal contract between spouse s that establishes rights and obligations


I suppose M and I were born in quite different household. M’s parents hold on to Japanese way such as tatami rooms, seiza while my parents love to collect furniture from Southeast Asia and once dreamt of living in America. M and I havd same value when it comer to how we want our family to be but since how our parents approach process of preparing for our wedding, there’s bit of conflict. M and I are lost. I was born as first child and first girl among our relative so my marriage is a significant event for my side. Everyone would like to get involved in a way or another but M’s side of parents seem to think that M and I should just do everything on our own. Sigh…


2 thoughts on “Born This Way?

  1. misspoet271 says:

    Well, I honestly think that you should sit with M and decide whats better for both of you. I see where family comes from,you can decide that they get involved in certain things because the habit of wanting to be involved won’t go away, and I believe it will mean a lot to them if they got involved. But after all, just do what you and M want. It is your wedding yeah? xx


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