Skype Studying Date


skype date

In this generation, it is common for a couple to have a “skype date” and well… M and I are both studying for certifications to help out with developing more knowledge for our career.  So today, for the first time we had a studying date on skype. We both had our text book open and… we studies but we both take breaks at same time.. and you know had study break chat.  It is almost like what it would be like when you are at the library and… it reminded me of the time when I was a student. It works fine… and it encourage me to study when I see M studying with me.  I hope we can both pass our exams next year! 🙂  Wish us luck ~!

50 states, 50 dates

She drove to 48 states while she took a ferry to Alaska and she flew to Hawaii though she considered doing a skype date to save money (she is glad she did spend the money and have the date in person.) She spent slightly over her $5,000 limit to see the 
Learning as I go: My Skype Date With Amy Stacey Curtis

My Skype Date With Amy Stacey Curtis. Several years ago I met an artist named Amy Stacey Curtis at the Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery in Sandwich, NH. Amy works in Maine and, when I met her, was several stages in to a 
LIVE Skype Date from Winnipeg with Love – Penny Dreadful Diary

BE THERE!!!! posted by Jen/Sylv Soska at 11:19:00 AM. labels american mary, interview, jen soska, katharine isabelle, live, Q and A, skype date, soska sisters, sylvia soska, twisted twins, twisted twins productions, winnipeg 

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