Name of Our Babies

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Name of the babies had be chosen !! For the past months or so, I knew that I wanted to name my baby girl Ema not because I wanted to but because I can use kanji of my mom’s and mine. Kanji of love in our names… so in that way it was easy peasy for me to pick this name. Besides, I wanted a name that is easy to say for people of all nationalities. For boys name that sounds both Japanese and English sounding were difficult.  The names are limited… ken  …. sho… ko…. jo…. they all seems to standard name.  When I came across the name Jun … which sounds like  “June.” I kind of liked it right away and when I told M about the name, he was impressed. He seemed very keen on naming our son Kei… but we have a relative whose name is Kei… so I didn’t really want to use that name.  But … finally, we agreed on one name. Funny thing is, I am not pregnant. We just wanted to settle down on the names because we know that eventually we want to have kids of our own.

Top 10 baby names in Japan and the USA – Tokyo Families Magazine

One of the largest life insurance companies Meiji Yasuda Seimei released the official results of its research on the most common names of Japan-born babies in 2012.For the first time in eight years since 2004, the name 
50 Most Popular Japanese Male Baby Names for Boys in 2012 …

Here is a ranking of the most popular Japanese male baby names for boys in 2012. It is based on Meiji Yasuda Life figures. 1. Haruto 2. Yuto 3. Sota 4. Yuki 5. Hayato 6. Haruki 7. Ryusei 8. Koki 9. Sora 10. Sosuke, Riku 12.
‘Hiroto,’ ‘Hina’ Most Popular Japanese Baby Names of the Year 2007 …

“Hiroto” and “Hina” topped Japan’s favorite names for newborn babies this year, a survey by Benesse Corp. has shown. The survey, which covered 36,544 Japanese babies born between January and November this year, 
Beach Baby Names – Baby Name Blog – Nameberry

Are you a beach lover, or simply dreaming of sun, sand, and waves as you consider your baby name options? Then have a look at this wide range of baby names that all relate to the beach. – baby names. Merchant of Venice,” Nerissa was Portia’s witty confidante. Nori- Until Kim and Kanye announced this would be the nickname of their newborn daughter North, Nori was best known as the Japanese word for “seaweed,” known to most Americans as a sushi wrap.
Guide on finding exotic and unique name for baby girl

Unique baby names are generally derived from different popular languages such as Sanskrit, Japanese, Hebrew and so on. Such names not only sound good but also carry a deep meaning. As the researches have proved 
Baby Name Ideas: April Showers Bring May Flowers – Fit Pregnancy

Try these flowery baby names for Spring. Florent – French baby boy name meaning “flower”. Hana – Japanese baby girl name meaning “flower”. Iris – Hebrew baby girl name meaning “flower”. Jasmine – Persian baby girl name meaning “a 

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