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This morning, my mom had mentioned that… don’t worry if you change your mind about wedding… we will deal with it when you change your mind. Anything could happen in a year. I must say…. this made me feel really sad…. I was so grateful to see M today because I needed his comfort. I needed him to assure me that he is there for me forever and always. Of course, I know it but when a person especially my mom kind of mention that our relationship may not be permanent and anything could happen… it made me feel very unstable. I do appreciate M. I do like everything about him. The way he takes scare of me…how he looks when he is thinking.. when he is worried… when he is happy. It makes me wonder… if he knows that I appreciate what he does. I try to show but… sometimes he is showing how much he cares more than I do.

7 Ways to Show Appreciation | Relationships in Balance

Showing appreciation is a critical component of maintaining stability in our relationships. When we feel under-appreciated it can eat away at our relationships.
Poul Anderson Appreciation: Relationships Between Future Histories

The connection between Robert Heinlein’s Future History and Poul Anderson’s Psychotechnic History is that the latter was modelled on the former. The connection between the Psychotechnic History and the Technic History is 
Appreciation in relationships: Relationships

Your partner will have thoughts that hammer their mind like those shown before. When you neglect appreciation relationships start to deteriorate and in the place of what used to be love you will find faults, blame, and problem 

4 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Ray says:

    Never stop telling him how much you appreciate him. Even for the stupid little things like emptying the dishwasher, or walking the dog, or doing a load of laundry.


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