Saving for Wedding: Day 20


Yesterday, I spent more than I should for lunch but I kept it under 1000 yen. So… I guess I am doing good in term of saving I guess. But if you think about saving in term of a life time, it makes me dizzy.  How much should I be saving by now if I want to two kids? or when we have a family and want to go on a family trip overseas? If you think about all of that, saving as much as I can now seems appropriate.


Saving for Wedding: Day 31 | You By My Side

Saving for Wedding: Day 31. 01 Thursday Aug 2013. Posted by aimi in LOVE. ≈ Leave a Comment. Tags. atleast, canned coffee, day at a time, decent place, family, finance, home, house, housing, life style, love, marriage, 
Saving for Wedding: Day 29 | You By My Side

Saving for Wedding: Day 29. 30 Tuesday Jul 2013. Posted by aimi in LOVE. ≈ Leave a Comment. Tags. books, day 28, engaged, engagement, family, fiance, home, imagine, love, marriage, money, much money, relationship, 
Why You Should Start Saving For Your Wedding On The First Date …

Secondly, realize that saving for a wedding can be private and you don’t have to tell anyone you’re doing it- in fact, you shouldn’t. It’s not just superstition, sometimes it’s a deal breaker if a new partner finds out you’re wedding 
Your tips for paying and saving for a wedding – Paying for the …

Your tips for paying and saving for a wedding – Paying for the wedding. People tell us their top tips for paying for the wedding. The Money Advice Service is an independent service, set up by government to help people make 
Saving for Life Events : Saving for a Wedding

Saving for a Wedding. Planning a wedding is tough. Especially, when you try to do it on your own. Try adding in culture and tradition and you’re in a whole other ball game. Here’s a few tips I picked up on my own when 
2 Brides To 2 Mummies: Wedding saving date night!

Date night (or day) used to be our favourite thing ever, but saving for a wedding means we’ve had to reduce the number of dates we go on. Being as food obsessed as we are makes this even harder! However, I found out 
Saving before you’re engaged? That’s crazy talk!…Or is it? | A …

Tags: budget, cost of a wedding, Engagement, finances, Getting Engaged, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, saving, saving for a wedding, wedding, wedding budget. Comments Leave a Comment; Categories Budgeting Beauties, 
SBRtriathlon: What’s Next For 2013?

Part of that has to do with saving for a wedding and the other part of that is I just don’t know what race I should do (but it’s mainly the money factor). Last year I was supposed to do the LBI Sprint Triathlon in September but a 
Selecting Professional Planners For Your Wedding Planning …

When saving for a wedding, it is important to window shop around and know the pricing of the various things they will expect in their wedding. This will help one compare and contrast the prices and know the most superior and responsible 

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