Where to Have Wedding Ceremony

wedding ceremony

As I may had mentioned earlier, M and I had been trying to find places for wedding ceremony.  Odaiba came to my mind as one of the places. Despite of the fact that I had been looking for places in Okinawa, since it will cost our relatives lots of money to travel, M and I are trying to  find places around Tokyo/ Yokohama area.  Our image of the wedding ceremony is in white chapel surrounded by ocean.  M and I both really liked white chapels in Okinawa that our image of our wedding ceremony is concrete.  But… until both of our parents meet and have a talk …. we cannot really plan it yet.  I would love to have a garden wedding like I see in the American films but you know what…. if I want a garden wedding, I would have to book a place. It is not common for Japanese people to have a ceremony at their house so… Japanese wedding cost money. Any how, we have to save up money in order to have our wedding. It seems like average Japanese wedding cost …. 3000000 yen and more.  We have to think about housing and you know what… there are lots of money involved in planning wedding. It just means that I have to work hard and keep working!

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