Missing My Ring


I had been engaged for almost a month but since I got my ring re-sized, I had not been wearing my ring for about two weeks or so… my hand has been feeling lonely. I feel kind of naked without it even though I only had it for about two weeks.  The ring has such a value … an identity attached to it.  But it is just a piece of jewelry.  It is very strange but despite of the fact that it is just a thing…  When I don’t have a ring on, all the value is off of me… even though it is just a ring, the responsibility that I have because of the ring is tremendous. No wonder, Tolkin  wrote a whole book on adventure about the power of the ring.

Nita Koerber: Resizing an engagement ring?

if either ring has a pressure diamond or stones all the way around it could be difficult otherwise they can be re sized. Posted by Clare Lamorte at 7:03 PM · Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook 
Changing seasons | Ally’s Thoughts

cracked fingers and lips; Henry getting confused about when dinner is because it gets dark so early; resizing engagement ring again! We’re pretty much getting into children’s sizes now. Rainbow this morning – did it even rain 
The Agoraphobic Fashionista: Shiny Special Things

They mean the world to me. The first diamonds I’ve ever owned and if I’m honest I know, more than likely, the last I’ll own (unless there is a lottery win in my future!) As you all know I have spent a few years and the last year 



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