Over Work and Under Stress



Lately I had been extremely busy. I got lots to do for work and…work is all I have in my mind. I can’t help it because I need to open a preschool in September. All the stress make me little quiet and M says he feels that I’m distant. Maybe so but in my mind my feeling for him has not changed. I just need to be quiet and not think after work so I don’t call M like I used to before. My job is pretty much endless so I need to think of next steps 24/7 for now. M knows that but I feel bad for making him feel lonely.


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Understanding Women’s Health Patterns Through Chinese …

The kidney essence controls the various stages of change in life, i.e. birth, puberty, menopause, and depletion in death. All health practises such as yoga, tai chi, and healthy diet replenish essence. Over work, stress, poor diet, 
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Work today was really hectic and it took a long time to get back home after the traffic and crowd. Eight hours of work and three hours of drive would make anyone tired. I never feel like wearing the daily toric lenses during the 

8 thoughts on “Over Work and Under Stress

  1. bookofmohs says:

    I can relate to how you and your partner feel. Marriage is so hard, so difficult to completely meet each others needs year after year as you both change. Your needs change, and how you meet them changes.


  2. le renee says:

    It may be hard for M now with you needing to be so focused on starting your preschool! But your hard work will pay off, and hopefull M is the kind of person who will stay by your side and see you through this! As I am sure you will be by M’s side too! Keep working hard and maybe think of one night per week where you and M can just be together-no emails, texts or business planning! Here are a few ideas to try 🙂 http://lerenee.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/16-sweet-day-date-ideas/ oxoxo le renee


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