Eliminating Process


Eliminating the process to decide which place to have wedding ceremony had been difficult. I ended up ordering …  30 or so brochures on wedding ceremonies and M and I sat down to do some eliminating. So far we have we want to have a wedding in a white chapel that over look ocean.  By having this standard, we only had less than 10 by the end of the day. Perfect~! Now, we have to research about transportation to get there, finance, dates and details. But before we decide, both of our parents have to get together for a nice dinner probably at a hotel or something to just introduce each other and get to know each other because they will be joint forever with this bond of marriage. So … well… we took one step close to our wedding today!

Juan Pablo Galavis Relationship Advice — Next ‘Bachelor’ Tweets …

Female fans were absolutely thrilled when it was announced that Juan Pablo Galavis will be the next ‘Bachelor.’ The competition to win this Latin lover’s heart will be stiff, but we’ve got a tip that will give HollywoodLife.com 
The J Show: Carmen Gives Relationship Advice « Chicago’s B96 …

Carmen paid us a visit today!! Since we had her in studio we decided to let her give advice to our listening audience!! She say’s the right answer is always “he’s wrong.
‘The OC’ Giving Relationship Advice – Uproxx

A supercut of Sandy Cohen from “The O.C.,” one of the greatest TV dads ever, giving relationship advice.
Amanda Seales Gives Relationship Advice, Ditching Diva Name …

Amanda Seales, formerly Amanda Diva, stopped by to chat about relationships, the hip-hop world and why she decided to drop the name “Diva.”
Robin Thicke Shares His Sex & Relationship Advice

So when he stopped by Radio.com HQ to discuss his new album, also titled Blurred Lines and out this week, we bent his ear on sex, romance, pick-up lines and real-deal, full-fledged, forever love.
Relationship Advice Group Scam – Love and Dating – Wrong Planet

Post Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:57 pm Post subject: Relationship Advice Group Scam, Reply with quote. I’m going to be as generic as possible seeing how easily WP threads come up in Google searches. There was a meetup group that I 
Relationship Advice: Love Yourselves Naked, Ladies | Lucien …

Relationship Advice: Love Yourselves Naked, Ladies. Posted on August 10, 2013 by Lucien. Well, I haven’t done one of these kind of posts in a while. So, I thought that I would do one that has been on my mind. Bacchante Reaching Down 

Will happiness disappear once we get married?? Some argued that once married, all the happiness… all the things that used to be happy began to disappear. Will it?  I wonder if it will…. The way I always saw marriage as going through happiness or sadness together. So I am not …

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