M and I went to Choshuysounin today. It is a Chinese restaurant owned by Chinese family but it is chain restaurant. I found it in two places so far in Japan and …. whenever I am there, I feel like I am eating original Chinese food. Most Japanese places are adopted to the Japanese flavor but this place seemed to have kept original Chinese flavor.  I had Abura soba for the first time and I loved it ~ but I think M and I really liked Sho-ron po I don’t know how to spell it out exactly in Chinese sound but it is amazing!!!  What I really like about this place is that it is decorated in a way that looks like we are in China. All the signs are written in Chinese… and I believe some of the workers can speak Chinese. If you are looking for something good to eat or passed by this restaurant try it out!! It’s good! 🙂

Chez Seb “What to Eat Where” in… Kyoto, Japan – Rhinebeck Cafe …

Labels: Rice Pork Dumplings Students Noodles Ousho Chez Seb What to Eat Where Chinese Food Japan Ramen Japanese Food. 0. Add a comment. May. 21. One of the first Japanese eating experiences. After out long walk 
Food Sparks: Japan Has Good Chinese Food

popular cheap fast food around Japan. Yes, Chinese restaurants are everywhere and Japanese likes them. Posted by Akujiki at 22:37 · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: Chinese food, Japan 
Tokyo station chinese food, Tokyo train station, Tokyo Japan. | Dokk …

a full belly and re-energized spirit I headed off in search of a place to stay. You can read about it here. This entry was posted in Food, Travel and tagged chinese, food, japan, tokyo, tokyo station. Bookmark the permalink.
The history of Chinese food in Japan – InformedTrades

The popularization of other Chinese dishes in Japan dates further back than that of gyoza , however . The influx of Westerners into Yokohama ,
Affordable Chinese restaurant at Roppongi Hills | Eat Japan Channel

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Karinba Chinese Restaurant, Misawa Japan | The Social Frog

My Yummy Soft Serve Ice Cream. There Are A Layer Of Cornflakes On The Bottom, Then A Layer Of Chocolate Sauce, Then Ice Cream With The Chocolate Sauce Drizzled Ontop! Share. Tags: Chinese, Food, Japan, Karinba, 

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