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My parents are extremely worried about finance  because despite of the fact that Japanese people stay in the same company almost all their working life, this situation is changing as younger generation are becoming global citizen. In this economy where anything can happen, preparing for the finance in advance is essential.I don’t care so much as money but when it comes to leaving home and getting married, money becomes something of concern because we have to figure out how to support ourself together. Ofcourse, I am willing to work as much as I can to make money and I am pretty sure that he feels the same way so right now it is fine… but if one of our company somehow collapsed…. for some reason… we need some back up plan. We need to be prepared… and to have a qualification that supports our working experiences.  So… last night M and I had began to discuss this issue of having qualifications.


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Love tips for serious relationships. Posted by dwi iswanto Saturday, July 13, 2013 0 comments. Urilux/Getty Images. Domestic duties, who’s responsibility is it? Who does what in the household is always a question and discussion to have, and 

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