Renaissance Resort Stay Wedding


Renaissanece’s Riviera Church is beautiful. It is smaller church so it holds small number of guests but church itself have this clean look. Again, this church is white and you can see the view of the ocean. The seats and the podium are all transparent.  What made me want to choose this church was there is an option of taking a picture or have a little bit of entertainment with dolphin if you wish! I heard only two couples can do that per day but it would be very fun. I personally didn’t really like the look of the hotel itself… maybe because I have a personal attachment towards Alivira hotel. I must say if I have to just choose the view of the ocean, I may choose this place because ocean you can see form this resort are made of multiple colors.

Okinawa Church Of God

Okinawa Church of God Home Page. Come and worship in Okinawa with Church of God.
Make Okinawa Church of God your home church!

Pastor Greg & Jennifer Hall: We pastor the Okinawa Church of God. We would love to make contact with your loved one who is stationed here. Please email us and give us their contact information. View my complete profile 
Okinawa Church of God MTTM: Welcome to Okinawa!

Our family would like to welcome you to Okinawa! We have been on Okinawa for two years now and we love it! It wasn’t so easy in the beginning however, we really missed our friends and family. We would like for you to visit 
Okinawa Church of God MTTM: Our Roles in the Okinawa Franklin …

Pastor Greg Hall was selected to represent the International Churches, Chapels and English Speaking Christian Community on Okinawa. He was appointed as the Executive Chairman of the International Committee for the 

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