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Right now, I am feeling… little stupid.  I told M about what I was thinking about and I think I made him really upset. I called and texted but he doesn’t pick up or text back. This never happened before… with us. It’s usually opposite where I get upset over what he says. I guess for us to be together for a life time it means this kind of thing happen. I just got text BACK at last while I was writing this post and he says he is not angry or upset he was jut thinking about things. He is a very kind guy so it makes me nervous when he is silent. He is a happy guy who smile all the time so…wow it made me so worry.

Love: Jesse Metcalfe: ‘There’s No Perfect Relationship’ | YourTango

Exclusive! Jesse Metcalfe opens up to YourTango about what makes a good relationship tick, having been in one with Cara Santana for five years.
Master The Art of Communication To Build THAT Perfect Relationship

Master The Art of Communication To Build THAT Perfect Relationship. Leave a reply. Communication in a relation plays a vital role for working out their relation for lifetime. Effective communication goes both ways.
A Perfect Relationship Is About Love.. | Love Quotes And Sayings

A Perfect Relationship Is About Love. A Perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset or irritated with each other… It’s how fast you resolve & bounce back to normal… Unknown. ← Do I Deserve This Kind Of Pain?
The Perfect Relationship | Seriously Maybe

Perfect=free of flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings; An ideal situation. Something perceived as perfect is relative and subject to the eye of the beholder. Therefore, what is perfect for me maybe not be perfect for you.


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6 thoughts on “Mistake

  1. Ray says:

    Communicating (happy or angry) is still communicating and SO SO VITAL to a relationship. It happens. The key is to TALK. Never stop talking.


  2. McCollonough says:

    We all need a wee bit of space and time some times. When he is ready M will talk about it, or not. But don’t worry things will smooth over they all ways do when true love is in the picture.


  3. thoughtsalone says:

    It is natural for two people as close as you are to sometimes disagree or be upset with each other. The important thing is working through it to become closer and to not let it tear you apart.


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