Saving for Wedding : Day 11 & 12



Yesterday, my lunch costed me 490 and today’s lunch costed me 498 so… it means I did it again! I ate under 500 yen! Horray ~! However, I spent 9550 yen on dinner for my family and… I bought wedding magazines so I spent some money on things but it is okaay. I am not sure when my cerdit card bill will arrive but… my goal is to save 1000 per month and more as much as I can.   My goal is to work as much and spend less… I guess writing this here help to be aware of how much I spend. If I spend way too much I’d feel guilty. Thinking about money make me feel sick … I didn’t really grow up thinking about how much I spend so… to be honest I don’t really know how or what … and it may sounds naive but I never grew up having allowance… and whenever I had to go out… I got money whenever from my parents till recently. M on the other hand used to work since high school to save money to go to school trip and pay for his club activities at school…so I guess he is more conclusion of saving up.  I need to really start thinking about finance… and how we are going to make it all work.

Electric Wedding Ceremony: Get married by Tiesto in Las Vegas …

The world’s top-earning DJ took to his official Facebook page Wednesday night to give fans the chance to have him officiate their wedding in Las Vegas on Saturday, Aug. 17.
Emma’s Wedding Ceremony – A Beautiful Mess

Trey and I choose to host our wedding ceremony at my grandmother, Corina’s, cabin. It’s an absolutley breath-taking place. I feel like grandma doesn’t get to show her cabin off enough, since it’s so far out in the country. Glad…
Gate crashers welcome at Baroque Wedding Ceremony | The …

51 The beautiful baroque city centre of Győr will stage the “Baroque Wedding Ceremony” from 9 to 11 August. On the Friday the entertainment begins with a baroque dance and procession, as well as the serenading of the 
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ISTANBUL — Police on Saturday fired water cannon and tear gas in downtown Istanbul to disperse anti-government demonstrators after barring them from entering a park where they had hoped to celebrate the wedding of a 
Wedding ceremony Organizers – Oregon Atsa

Numerous plunges into arranging the marriage by themselves and many all over the world are now looking toward wedding planners to serve them a Perfect Wedding ceremony. Hiring them is definitely an response to many 
Wedding Traditions: Modern Wedding Ideas for Your Wedding …

Of course, you might feel like your wedding ceremony will be super short if there are no “ritual” portions, but I promise your guests will be happy to get to the cake and dancing sooner. Would you be OK with dropping these two 



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