Imagining Future



I often imagined myself to become just a house wife and nothing more. Ever since I was young, I have never really imagined myself working … I imagined myself traveling around the world… and I imagined myself with housekeeper or two because I grew up in that kind of world where many of my friends had housekeepers.  M had different life style than I did. His parents both work and in his household housework is divided among both parents. His parents don’t travel around the world especially his mom who have never been outside of Japan. If I can keep working hard, I can see M and I together and of course that’s what I agree to do when I decided to marry him…. but since last night’s awkward moment of M, my mom and I … my mom is especially worried if I am really going to be happy with M. She knows that he is a nice guy and all but… I will have to adjust to a completely different life style where I HAVE to work. I cannot choose to work it is must in order to keep the family going. Only one woman in the extended relatives works full time and she is the main provided at home so she has to work. My mom especially find that not something I should be doing with my life thus she questions if I am truly goign to be happy with M. Ofcourse, they are not against us getting married but… since my mom imagine me not working after getting married or having kids …. she thinks I should just think it over.  To be honest, all the guys I have datedhad asked me I should work when and if we get married… and that’s partly why we didn’t work out because they made it “must”. M on the other hand told me that we can manage if we try hard with his income but we do need to cut back on a lot of things and… he prefers it if I work.  The way he said it gave me a option and … you know what I think i can do it if he’s attitude is like that.  Since I grew up outside of Japan most of my life, I had imagined myself traveling around the world and yes, that dream might not happen if I marry M… if I just rely on his income but… I am capable of making money on my own… My head is spinning because it makes me wonder what I can do to prove that even if I marry M, I can still enjoy the luxury that I have now to my mom.

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2 thoughts on “Imagining Future

  1. carlisdm says:

    Hi, times have changed a lot. when I was a kid we used to have a housekeeper but then the situation was not good enough, we let the housekeeper go and we had to do all the housework between the members of my family. I’m single now but I still imagine myself in the future traveling around the world and yes i don’t imagine myself working all the time but I believe that this is momentarily and that I should work in the mean time and save money, maybe invest in some small business in the future so that one day I won’t need to work all the time and start traveling around the world. What I mean by saying this is that your situation is also momentarily, for the moment you will have to work with M and that’s the stage of your life that you’re suppose to live right now, but things could change in the future and if you work and try hard you may finish having a housekeeper and traveling. Don’t get nervous about this, things will come and get better if you stay and work together. I hope this helps…


    • aimi says:

      Thank you so much. It really helps me when I hear someone beside myself beliving it would be fine. My parents are some what old-fashined so they still believe in the men work women stay at home idea so… they seem to have hard time with me working full time all the time.


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