Saving for Wedding: Day 10


10 days… and guess what I spent money on something and it is transportation and slippers for work. So technically, these are both what I need so it is okay to spend it but I felt guilty. I only spent 390 yen on lunch today so for lunch wise, I had been doing well with saving. Getting essential is okay, I guess. Let’s see how much I can save up in a year~. I got to save more money for wedding~and four our life together.


4 Wedding Budget Savings Tips

A wedding can be the biggest day of your life but it does not have to be the most expensive. If you look hard enough and use the right resources.
Six tips for saving on your wedding day | Directly Speaking

You can find many DIY ideas by looking through wedding blogs;and you can not only save but also find satisfaction in taking on a project where you can stamp your own personality on your day. 3. Do you really need 
Guess How Much This Cost: Money Saving Wedding Tips

I’ve enlisted the help of some friends who have recently got married, to give you their money saving tips for a beautiful, personal and creative wedding without an extortionate price tag! A Touch Of Vintage. I got married to 
Money Saving Wedding Menu Tips | Wed Me Pretty

Money Saving Wedding Menu Tips at Wed Me An exclusive Wedding Blog.Read Now!
Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers – Photography Life

Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers. Jun. 18. 2013. June 18, 2013. By Laura Murray 9 Comments. Summertime for wedding photographers in the northern hemisphere can be quite hectic! Since the beginning of May I have been 
8 Tips to SAVE you $$$ When Shopping for Wedding Guest Attire …

8 tips to save money when you’re shopping for wedding guest attire.
Catering Savings « Tats Tips – Wedding Blog and Advice From The …

Mention the word “catering” to a bride and you’re almost guaranteed to send them into a frantic, stressed out mess. Food is an essential component to a wedding reception because to be frank people get hungry, and when 
Sunday Confessional: 17 Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding …

Many brides go over budget to have their dream wedding. Here are some money saving tips to help you have a great wedding without going into debt.

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