Future Plan

Our mind is pretty set on having a wedding next year in October when I will have a fall break. Since my mom’s wedding that I will be wearing will be long sleve and time when I will have a long break will be either spring, summer, fall or winter…. Considering some people will have to fly in from various part of the world and we want to have a wedding in Okinawa, we kind of have out mind set to have it in next yer fall.

This means, we have a plenty of time to prepare for it. Saving up money, finding a place for us to live, move in, you konw and plan the whole wedding. Our mind is pretty set in Okinawa and I actually have this one place in mind already. BUt it is always nice to know the options so I already ordered brouchure sent to M’s house. M said he will start researching about prices and houses and all that stuff from October. What a supportive man he is.

Both of our moms want us to get tested and get shot before we get married to prepare for pregnancy so we have to get that done as well in near future.

Right now, I am thinking I should just reserve to go to wedding fair this Monday to check out about what having wedding in Okinawa is like. Wish me luck!

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