Bridal Fair


So, I booked my first Bridal Fair for next monday!! It is exciting and scary at the same time because I don’t know what they are going to say or what we are going to be really doing. All I know is this fair are focused on the churches that I am very interested in. I found the bridal fair today and I asked if M was interested and he said it is possible for us to do that on Monday but he told me we don’t have to rush because we have a plenty of time. We talked about it few times and we booked it.

I have heard that couples tend to have a big fight over marriage and I really hope M does not have a big fight over it. It is nice that M and I both don’t have any idea of how we want it to be. This means we can just plan it together step by step. Our most concern is the view. We are both flexible so I hope we won’t get into a fight over wedding.


I Married a Milkman: Bridal Fair

Our first Bridal Fair went really well I think. Since, I don’t really have anything to compare it to, I thought it was good. People were friendly especially other vendors which I thought was nice. Out of 1,000 mini cupcakes I think we 
Carson Valley, Nevada: Bridal Fair at the Carson Valley Inn

Complimentary refreshments, a full range of vendors and services, and an assortment of wedding-related prizes are all part of the Bridal Fair at the Carson Valley Inn on Sunday, August 4, 2013. The event runs from 3 p.m. to 6 
The Cape Winelands Bridal Fair | My Walk In Closet

The Cape Winelands Bridal Fair. Jul 29, 2013 by Administrator. The weather wasn’t overly helpful this weekend as the organisers of the prestigious Cape Winelands Bridal Fair learnt. Held at the Spier Wine Estate out in Stellenbosch, visitors 
Weddings and Beyond Bridal Fair on Aug 10-11 | Wedding Makeup …

I’m inviting you to visit my booth this weekend at the PICC bridal fair. I’ll be at Booth B75. Freebies and discount will be given to those who book on the spot 🙂 See you there 933893_501394753248689_331270163_n.
Sweet Dreams are Made of These: whispering meadows bridal fair

whispering meadows bridal fair. whispering meadows san diego wedding venue. fresh air can do wonders for any soul. and breathing it in at a dreamy location magnifies the effect by an hundredfold. i was privileged to attend 
The Baths Middle Brighton – Bridal Fair – Wedding Tips & Ideas

SPONSORED BLOG The Baths Middle Brighton are inviting couples to attend their bridal fair for an exclusive view of their stunning venue as well as providing inspiration to plan your perfect wedding. C.


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