Saving for Wedding: Day 8


For lunch, I spent 426yen today. I bought rice with flaked fish on top and fried chicken from conbini. So I didn’t break my rule but once I checked my balance on my bank account I felt relieved that I ended up spending 2600 or so at Starbucks. I got cake for my coworkers. They loved them so it’s fine but I just need to make sure that i get back on saving mode.

Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers – Photography Life

Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers. Jun. 18. 2013. June 18, 2013. By Laura Murray 9 Comments. Summertime for wedding photographers in the northern hemisphere can be quite hectic! Since the beginning of May I have been 
Cost-Saving Tips for Wedding Guests | Save Community

Cost-Saving Tips for Wedding Guests. iStock_000019627026Small. Posted by: admin , June 12, 2013. It comes as no shock that planning a wedding is an expensive endeavour. According to a survey conducted by Wedding Bells Magazine, 
Emma + Trey Wedding Reception – A Beautiful Mess

Oh wedding receptions. Love them! I wore a vintage dress to our wedding reception that Mallory altered for me (the top half didn’t fit me originally). I decided to wear a different dress for two reasons. 1.) It’s my wedding…
3 Photo Effects for Wedding Photographers | Photoshop Tutorials

Next, you’ll learn how to increase contrast in a B&W photo without clipping any highlights or shadows. This is especially useful in wedding photos where you have dark areas in the grooms tuxedo and bright areas in the brides 

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