Saving For Wedding: Day 4


The night before, M was upset with me because I had not been eating healthy for lunch. So I had Subway. Sub from Subway isn’t that expensive. Half sub is 450 yen so if I set a new rule of spending 500 yen or under, I can eat delicious sub as well as food from convenient store. Yay~. This new rule will help me eat healthier. Spending just 100 yen was so hard. Subway here is pretty good but…I feel the menu here is little different.


Guess How Much This Cost: Money Saving Wedding Tips

Money Saving Wedding Tips. Weddings can be an expensive business and even if you start off with the best intentions, it can quite easily get out of hand. I’ve enlisted the help of some friends who have recently got married, 
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33 Money-Saving Wedding Tips. Katie Steele June 24, 2013 Goodness, Life, Relationships. With the bill for the average wedding in the UK currently sitting at around £17,000, it’s no surprise that we’re all looking for ways to make our day 
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Money Saving Wedding Tips – How Can I Save Money For My Wedding? by on July 14, 2013. Weddings can be very expensive. Presently there are a lot of things to acquire that it can be extremely mind-boggling and costly. Right now there 
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Cost Saving Wedding Tips For the Budget-Conscious Couple. Posted on May 29, 2013 in: Wedding Planning Tips|Jump To Comments. The spring and summer months welcome a betrothal of weddings. While many women feel the desire to 
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borro’s Money Saving Wedding Tips. It’s Summer and at borro we’ve been thinking that love always seems to be in the air around July and August and mostly in the form of numerous and often expensive Weddings. Yes, it is 
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18 Money-Saving Wedding Tips. Posted on July 6, 2013 by Shai Surban. Brides may dream of a wedding with an endless budget, but costs for extravagant wedding details can quickly overwhelm wallets and loom over couples’ heads. Setting 

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