Saving Money : Day 2



Day two of saving and I must say “Thank you Mcdonald” because you know what, being able to buy food fo 100 yen is amazing. I love greasy food and not being able to eat fried chicken or burger would be disappointing for me. Too bad that 100 yen burgers would make me have pimples… if it didn’t I would eat it everyday just so I can save up money.

Cost-Saving Wedding Tip: Choose Sunday | Hanai Honey

Cost-Saving Wedding Tip: Choose Sunday. 10 Sunday Mar 2013. Posted by Charlie Lee Olivia H. in Wedding. ≈ 1 Comment. Tags. Bride, Cost-saving, Friday, Help and Advice, Relationships, Saturday, Sunday, Wedding, 
Saving Wedding Tip – Larry James’ CelebrateIntimateWeddings BLOG

Holding your wedding on a day other than a Friday or Saturday can often save you money.
How to Save Money On Your Wedding Ceremony Without Anyone …

Hair – This is a great money saving wedding tip that will save you a ton! Get a beauty school student to do your hair and the hair of your wedding party! Call the school first and ask to speak to one of the instructors. Tell them 
Frugal but Fantastic Weddings: Cost Saving Wedding Tip: 1

Weddings do not have to cost a lot to be fancy, elegant, and hip. Tips on how to plan your wedding so you don’t break the bank. Checklists for planning the perfect wedding. Cost saving wedding tips.
Money Saving Wedding Tips | Ideas to Reduce Wedding Costs

Visiting the beautiful and varied wedding locations around the lake and examining what our inexpensive wedding packages provide might be the best money-saving wedding tip yet. This entry was posted in Wedding Tips and 
Juno’s Wedding Wisdom: Money saving Wedding Tip of the Day

Money saving Wedding Tip of the Day. With wedding cakes costing a bloody fortune these days, why not make the most of your investment and have the cake plated and served as dessert, thereby saving you money on your 
Juno’s Wedding Wisdom: Money saving Wedding Tip of the Day

Money saving Wedding Tip of the Day. Today’s tip on not blowing the budget entirely is to consider the items you can DIY, and there are many! Invitations / table menus / place cards / orders of service. (aka “stationery”, not to 

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