Saving Money : Day 1


So… saving money is hard but what can I cut back on ? It is terrible but I had been spending 1000 yen or so every lunch and on the day that I have dinner out… I spend over 2000 or more. So what can I cut back on? Food!! So on this first day of saving my money, I began by bringing my own lunch. Sandwich. It was little food compare to how much I would buy usually but.. you know what I was able to save up money because I did not buy anything extra. 360+days to go.

10 Back to School Shopping Tips to Save Money | On Better Terms

10 Back to School Shopping Tips to Save Money. August 7, 2013 , Mikey Rox, Leave a comment. 10 Back to school shopping tips to save money. The end of the summer is right around the corner, and with the new school year less than six 
Tips for Saving on the Cost of Lunch | On Better Terms

Real Estate and Housing · Student Loans · Taxes · Investments · Saving Money · Budgeting · Thrifty Fashion · Frugal recipes · go to >> · Home Saving Money Tips for Saving on the Cost of Lunch 
Saving Money Tips | Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon 2013 upto 50% off

In such a hard economy, saving money tips may seem hard to come by. After all, none of the older methods seem to work. Finding jobs is more difficult than ever and even governments worldwide have raised taxes in an 
The Chew : Saving You Money Tips With Flare | Shibley Smiles

The Chew on ABC shares recipes, food tips, and savings all with humor and flare.
Frugal Tips: Living Thrifty | Prudent Living – On The Home Front

What does it mean to be thrifty? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary thrifty is (1) thriving by industry and frugality, (2) growing vigorously and (3) given to or marked by economy and good management. It isn’t just 
Tips for Saving Money This Summer | One Reverse Mortgage

Read More Articles. Tags: Food, Money, saving money, Simple And Easy, Summer, Summer Heat, Summer Long, Summer Money tips, summer savings, Tips For Saving Money, Tips to save money, ways to save money 
Disney Saving Money Tips.m4v – Disney World Guide

Good idea now I looking at a Disney word trip this year 4 2 weeks n the fall (I hope & wish & pray) So I looking at saying at fort wilderness cabins Disney and the camp grounds because we have 2 dogs so if we can take then 
Twenty money-saving tips from bankers and their wives | Job News …

Investment bankers, hedge fund managers, and their wives impart their tips for saving money.

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2 thoughts on “Saving Money : Day 1

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Welcome to the club! You might want to check out the posts on my Chicken Farmer I Still Love You blog, which is based on similar discussions and approaches to money issues.
    Best wishes on your path of discovery.


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