Fake Priest


Today at work, my co-worker from America pointed out to me how strange it is that in Japan, we have fake priests for couple who like to have western style wedding ceremonies. Fake priests are often paid hourly or are part time workers who can say vows in Japanese. These “fake”priets are common in hotel wedding or restaurants. Will I have fake priest? I may most likely end up having a fake priest because I am most likely going to have my wedding at a hotel like many Japanese couples. It is pretty strange that there are people who get paid to be a fake priest. Maybe it is just Japanese thing… who knows.

Fake priest’s blasphemous Facebook page gains 135,000 ‘likes …

Some Hungarian students have a created a Facebook page of a fake priest who is an alcoholic, a pedophile, and posts blasphemous comments. In a nation of under ten million people, the page has gained 135,000 “likes,” 
In Defense of the Church: A Fake “Catholic” Priest’s Convertion: How …

of the Catholic Church but he’s an ordained priest from The Apostolic Catholic Church, Incorporated. Therefore a FAKE PRIEST, and he deceived all the INC’s viewers. Source: THE NEW SPLENDOR OF THE CHURCH blog.

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