Saving Up For Wedding

wedding-cake-with-bride-a-006 If my parents approve, our plan is to have our wedding in about 300+ days later. No matter what kind of wedding we are going to have, M and I need to save up money in order to have our special day. I may had mentioned that I do not have a wedding fantasy but M and I want to make it as memorable as possible. One of the first things I started doing is subscribing to wedding magazine’s online membership.This allowed M and I to share a list of things we have to get done till the wedding date which we can cross out together online. This help us keep track of where we are in term of wedding planning and help us get excited whenever we see how much % of things had been done. Right now we are at 6% done …. so we have more to go but you know what I mean. Another things that we had done is … pretty much just talk about it. Get some ideas flowing. It seems to me that we are going to have a wedding in a nice beach resort in a year or so. So now we have to start saving up h-core!

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Money-Saving Tips for Wedding Season 2013. by Heather Stockburger on April 25, 2013. Wedding Budget Here comes the…bill. Here comes the bill. The average wedding will run you just shy of $28,500 these days, so it’s understandable if 
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Food costs definitely make up one of the biggest chunks of a wedding budget, but they don’t have to totally break the bank. Nor do you have to sacrifice a delicious, memorable wedding meal in the name of saving; you just have to get creative!
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General Savings: Create a comparison chart to track what’s included in venue prices you’re quoted. Some places claim to include everything but leave out something you need. Determine your budget and prioritize. A rule of 
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Many cost conscious couples are eager to find ways to save dollars on their wedding. Here are six suggestions from Lakes Region Tent & Event on how to save on wedding rentals.

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11 thoughts on “Saving Up For Wedding

  1. html:// says:

    I would recommend the following options:

    • Flowers – go to a flower market to reduce costs
    • ask everybody to make a home cooked dish for the wedding food
    • Photography – do u have a friend/ friends who can take pictures? Provide each table with throw away cameras
    •Hire or borrow a wedding dress – vintage or something borrowed
    • ask a magazine to photograph / cover your day and get paid for it

    So i hope some helpful tips I hope they are helpful for you


  2. adopim says:

    Those are excellent suggestions. The only one that I would recommend maybe being a little careful about is the disposable cameras. I know a good number of people that this backfired on (as in, out of the thirty 24-exp cameras they only got one or two pictures per camera that were worth saving). If you have a good chunk of children/young people attending, it might be something that you want to skip. We had lots of children/teens at our wedding so we chose to opt out of them. If you have mostly adults attending, then it is a fabulous idea for everyone helping to create memories from your special day! =)


      • complicatedwaltz says:

        Disposable cameras are not a great idea. They take terrible photos. I suggest setting up a “photo booth” if you want to get photos of everyone there. Set up a trunk of silly props, hats, feather boas, etc, a simple backdrop, and a camera on a tripod, people will know what to do!


      • complicatedwaltz says:

        Oh, you could even go all “classy celebrity” with it, red carpet, white backdrop with your/hubby’s initials/logo printed on it (like a Hollywood event).
        Start a Pinterest board!! 🙂


  3. Karina Susanto says:

    Hi there,
    I will get married too on December. I will pray for your preparation process.Just my opnion, not just saving money or something. not just about the things, but the most is about our mental preparation to get married. 🙂 well, Just share my thought.


  4. ballerina95 says:

    More than 15yrs after O and I got married, all I can remember is my dress, my bouquet and my father-in-law singing non-stop during the reception. Flower decorations for the reception, the cake, the food, the photos – those I can’t remember anymore.
    A beach wedding would be very romantic though. I know Boracay has many wedding packages. Good luck.



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